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Shanghai Longfeng death knell for whom pseudo prophecy tolls

there is no denying the fact that "Shanghai dragon will die within two years of the prophecy has its reasons, the long tail theory is that, no matter how hot today dominate the market Yishouzhetian, hot, will gradually become tomorrow’s" long tail "(chicken ribs), the search engine is no exception, Google Chinese yesterday is evidenced by just a few. In time, the market leading into a" tasteless search from Chinese, gesture of "long tail" (chicken ribs), which once again reminds us, "put all your egg in one basket" is not enough, no matter the basket again how strong insurance. read more

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A beer and skittles project why get Ali’s investmentnside the story of Entrepreneurs even if the t

has been suffering from an insecure and dishonest product for too long, and society has been in a huge demand situation.

the cause of the incident is simpler. Once, Wu Guoping asked Zhu Jian, "where is the good food?" Zhu Jian said, "a man who specializes in food and drink does not know where there is good food."

I’ve been cheated, taken out, bullied by people many times:

, an Internet banking entrepreneur, let us interview him platform, prices are good, but did not sign a contract. The 3000 word article written, he suddenly turns to say no money, nothing I could contact him is not with me. Finally, in addition to pulling black him, I have no other way, can only recognize; read more

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Website revision inevitable three details make revision worry free


website has been many webmaster headache, but in the website operation cycle, revision is unavoidable, like NetEase, Sohu these large portal, can not avoid the revision, but for us these small sites, the revision is unable to avoid, after all, with the changing of Internet population, each stage users need to experience is not the same, if you don’t keep up with the pace of the times, that your site will be eliminated by history, which is undoubtedly the best way to keep pace with the times change read more

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The supermarket opened may extend sellers delivery service

is now the rural consumption demand is growing, the number of township supermarket are constantly increasing, resulting in mutual competition is very intense, if not to be able to develop some services, but can not win in the competition. This small advice, if the supermarket opened in the township, may wish to extend some sellers delivery service, which will have a bigger boost to the development of the supermarket business.

from the supermarket opened up, I began to deliver goods to the countryside, township residents purchasing power, which won a lot of money income for my supermarket. Every day my wife keeps a shop in the supermarket, I drive to the countryside, a long time, I and the villagers are familiar with. So, there are villagers asked me to help bring the online shopping parcels back, because the courier basically sent to the county seat, do not go to the countryside to send, and the villagers are busy farm work, a trip to the county is not easy. My finger, it brings convenience to them, the villagers were very grateful to me. read more

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How to open the women’s franchise store

no matter what business, certainly hope that the more the better the store, so you can save the store area of high popularity, so the opening of women’s stores, you must master the skills of the extension of the guest. So, women’s franchise chain how to operate can lure it?

franchise in the women’s clothing business is very exquisite service, popular women’s styles can be found in many stores, but also for consumers, although this clothes good-looking, but wearing other clothes would look good, so few people will hang in a tree. How to attract women chain stores in order to retain customers, then, in the operation of the service must be protected. read more

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nvestment jewelry stores common misunderstanding

a lot of businesses in the investment jewelry stores easily into some errors, precisely because of the impact of these business errors, so the road leading to the business is not smooth. Today Xiaobian share some business advice, I hope to help investors.

1, jewelry store decoration costs can not save. In addition to the layout of the unity of the corporate jewelry store decoration, but also to spend some thought. Selling jewelry, store atmosphere is particularly important. From the floor to the light, the details determine success or failure, as far as possible the layout of the smooth, comfortable, beautiful and more. Let guests not only feel at home, but also feel a sense of taste. read more

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What entrepreneurial motivation is not desirable

entrepreneurs from all walks of life, the entrepreneurial motivation is all sorts of strange things. However, entrepreneurship is not other than the cause, the slightest mistake, it is possible to go bankrupt, even ruin. Only pure entrepreneurial motivation, in order to achieve. Here, Xiao Bian will introduce you to one of the entrepreneurial motives which are undesirable.

1. "my family is a commercial family, so I have a genetic talent."

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Nail shop name principle which

Factors affecting

a shop can succeed very much, but in this business market, the name has a greater influence on the long-term development of the shop will. So, a Manicure shop decoration is important, but the most important is the name!

nail shop first need to consider the characteristics of the combination of the store, so that customers look at what they know to do. The second consideration is simple and easy to remember the name of the type, to attract potential customers, complex and difficult to remember the names of customers are not willing to give you publicity, will also have certain psychological rejection, unless special features, can be repeatedly lifting customer appetite, however, many shops can not do this. To consider the distinctive name, novelty to attract customers. read more

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What you need to know about opening a clothing store in the country

now the development of the countryside with each passing day, many rural people have begun to pay attention to dress up, so there is a market in the countryside to open a clothing store. Do you know how to open a clothing store in the countryside? Do you want to know how to make money in the countryside?.

selected stock market is more important to know about the clothing, clothing, color collocation, selection, have deep understanding! Now too much of the town of small shops selling clothing, too complex!   only the independence, innovation, talents have a way out… read more

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How to open silver jewelry store suction gold

silver jewelry store how fast suction gold? Investors are very interested in this issue, if you want to learn a lot of business experience, then look at the small series together with it, do a good job in business management, easy to deal with the competitive market, can not be missed.

for silver, is more distinctive, because silver is a collection of the world’s culture in one, a lot of cultural elements can be presented through silver. So open a silver shop is very representative of the meaning, so how can a silver franchise to operate well? read more

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