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Awesome light painting photos bring dinosaurs back to life

first_imgvia VisualNews Light painting, also known as light drawing or light graffiti, is an extremely cool photographic technique in which exposures are made at night or in a dark room by moving a flashlight or handheld light, or by moving a camera. The result is a design that appears to be floating in the mid air. Photographer Darren Pearson, otherwise known as Darius Twin, has posted some of his light paintings from his series entitled “Light Fossils.” The photos are pretty amazing as it’s often hard to get clean lines with light painting.Pearson made the “Light Fossils” pieces freehand at night using tiny LED flashlights and a long exposure on his camera. His photos feature dinosaurs drawn with light in unusual areas like a smiling triceratops in the middle of a street, a flying-monkey skeleton floating above Los Angeles, and a woolly mammoth on top of a building.Pearson’s photos evoke a sense of magical fantasy that really appeals to the kid inside of you. If you’re wondering how Pearson was able to create such amazing light paintings, we’re guessing it takes years of practice to get to that level. He does give a brief tutorial in the video below if you’re curious about making your own light paintings.To start with, you need a mini flashlight, and you can find different colored lights if you want to mix things up a bit. As for the camera, you want a camera that’s capable of having a slow shutter speed. Pearson set his camera to 10 seconds at F 5.6 and stuck it on a tripod. He shot most of the “Light Fossil” photos with a Canon EOS 7D, but you can use any camera that has an adjustable shutter speed.If you decide to try out light painting, please let us know how it goes and share any photos that result from your new (or old) hobby!last_img read more

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Apple to allow pickup of online orders at Apple Stores

first_imgApple is giving customers a new option for receiving items that they order online. The company is slowly rolling out a new program, codenamed “Sherwood,” that will allow orders from Apple’s website to be picked up at a local Apple retail store.In addition to being able to pick up their orders at an Apple Store, the program will also allow customers to return online orders at the retail outlets. This will help you to avoid the hassle of going to a post office or commercial shipping service to mail a return, and then wait weeks for a reimbursement of shipping fees. Provided that you live in an area with at least one of the retail stores, this could save a lot of headaches.Perhaps the biggest advantage that this will present will be avoiding the dreaded “we missed you” delivery notice stuck on your front door. If you’ve ever experienced the agony of ordering a product and waiting by the door, only to miss the delivery when you were on the phone for two minutes, this would be a solution. Simply get a call from the Apple Store when your new gadget arrives, and drive over to pick it up when you’re ready.It isn’t clear what the policy for this new program will be for launch day items. As Apple Stores are always swamped with long lines on the first day a new iPhone or iPad is available, I don’t imagine the stores would be going out of their way to cater to people who ordered the same item online. They could well be sent to the back of the line with everyone else.The Sherwood program will be starting off at a few Apple Stores, and will later expand across the entire chain down the road.via MacRumorslast_img read more

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A vote on revoking Trumps emergency USMexico wall funds takes place today

first_img 11,900 Views DEMOCRATS ARE MOVING quickly to try to roll back President Donald Trump’s declaration of a national emergency to siphon billions of dollars from the military to fund construction of a fence along the US-Mexico border.Today’s vote in the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives comes on legislation to revoke Trump’s executive order from earlier this month and would send it to the Republican-held Senate, where it would take only a handful of Republican defections to pass it.Trump is likely to prevail in the end since he could use his first-ever veto to kill the measure if it passes Congress, but the White House is seeking to minimize defections among the president’s Republican allies to avoid embarrassment.The vote could be challenging for Republicans who view themselves as conservative protectors of the Constitution and the powers of the federal purse that are reserved for Congress. But GOP-vote counters are confident that the tally won’t get near the two-thirds that would overturn a Trump veto. Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford, second from the right, looks across the horizon during a tour of the US-Mexico border. Source: Pablo Martinez MonsivaisDemocratic leaders said yesterday that the vote is not about the merits of Trump’s wall, but how Trump is trampling on the Constitution by grabbing money that he can’t obtain through normal means.“The beauty of the Constitution, the heart and soul of the Constitution, is the separation of power – co-equal branches of government to be a balance of power,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-California. Without strong Borders, we don’t have a Country – and the voters are on board with us. Be strong and smart, don’t fall into the Democrats ‘trap’ of Open Borders and Crime! House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California, accompanied by Republican Joaquin Castro, D-Texas. Source: Alex BrandonMinority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., said GOP defections will be kept well below the threshold required to sustain a veto. Describing the argument GOP leaders are using to tamp down Republican opposition, he said, “There’s an emergency along the border.”“If Republicans vote their beliefs, we’ll get a lot. If they vote their party, we won’t get a lot,” said Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md.Trump took to Twitter yesterday to urge Senate Republicans to stick with him.“I hope our great Republican Senators don’t get led down the path of weak and ineffective Border Security,” Trump wrote. Feb 26th 2019, 7:30 AM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Short URL Tuesday 26 Feb 2019, 7:30 AM Hundreds of people demonstrate in Union Square in response to Donald Trump’s national emergency declaration (February 2019). Source: SIPA USA/PA ImagesTrump’s declaration of a national emergency gives him access to about $3.6 billion in funding for military construction projects to divert to border fencing. Politicians in both parties are recoiling at the politically toxic prospect of losing cherished projects at back-home military bases. The Defense Department has not identified which projects may face the axe.But the administration is more likely to tap $600 million from a federal asset forfeiture fund first. In addition, it is considering shifting more than $2 billion from Defense Department accounts into a Pentagon counter-drug fund to be tapped for wall construction.Trump’s edict is also being challenged in the federal courts, where a host of Democratic-led states such as California are among those that have sued to overturn the order. The House of Representatives may also join in. https://jrnl.ie/4513195 Share4 Tweet Email By Associated Press A vote on revoking Trump’s emergency US-Mexico wall funds takes place today If the Democrats’ attempted funding block succeeds, Trump can use a veto to kill the measure. 37 Comments The Constitution spells out the responsibilities, giving the Congress of the United States, among other powers, the power of the purse. The president’s power grab usurped that constitutional responsibility and fundamentally violates the balance of power envisioned by our founders.last_img read more

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EtatsUnis des milliers doiseaux sécrasent violemment sur le bitume

first_imgEtats-Unis : des milliers d’oiseaux s’écrasent violemment sur le bitume Lundi, des milliers d’oiseaux migrateurs, désorientés par une tempête, ont confondu le bitume d’un parking de l’Utah aux Etats-Unis avec un plan d’eau. Ils sont venus s’écraser sur le sol où beaucoup d’entre eux sont morts. C’est une scène effrayante qui s’est produite lundi, sur le parking d’un supermarché de Cedar City, dans l’Utah, aux Etats-Unis. Alors qu’une tempête grondait, une nuée d’oiseaux migrateurs a fondu vers le sol, venant s’écraser sur le bitume. Ces grèbes, désorientés par la pluie et les vents ont en fait cru qu’il s’agissait d’une étendue d’eau plate et tranquille où ils auraient pu se reposer avant de reprendre la route, selon les spécialistes. À lire aussiCette perruche imite à la perfection R2-D2, le robot de Star WarsEn effet, les oiseaux comptaient rejoindre le Mexique où ils ont l’habitude de migrer pour l’hiver. Un voyage qui s’est donc interrompu précocement cette année à cause de la tempête, tandis que beaucoup de ces oiseaux n’ont pu être secourus après le très violent choc, rapporte 7 sur 7. Heureusement, une partie d’entre eux a tout de même survécu et les oiseaux ont été relâchés dans un plan d’eau situé à proximité. Le 15 décembre 2011 à 20:25 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

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first_img TCI Premier blasts Opposition side for “slop” information, sets it straight in HOA Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 26 2014 – The TC Weekly Newspaper is carrying an interesting report on 15 cases from recent years which remain unsolved. The list of the heinous murders and vile crimes with no one to answer for them is startling and just as revealed in the House of Assembly recently; the unit to deal with the cases has been revived. The Cold Case Unit was actually, reportedly established since 2011 by the Commissioner of Police, Colin Farquhar and now Inspector Daniel Miller will head it with a focus on cases dating back to March 2004. The article outlines that seven of the killings involved Turks and Caicos Islanders, five were Haitians, one Canadian, one Turkish man and a man from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. All of these unsolved crimes will be re-examined … it is anticipated that as Officer Miller delves deeper into the case files, there will be details. As for recent unsolved mysteries, the Police reminded of the $40,000 reward being offered by Crime Stoppers in the shooting death of businessman, Robert Been Sr from March this year. Recommended for you Related Items:cold case unit, Colin Farquhar, house of assembly, officer miller, robert been, turks and caicos weekly news Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Budget cuts hurt, but necessary says TCI Deputy Premier in parliamentary debate on hurricane funds Minister of Works puts government buildings reconstruction post hurricanes at $8.6mlast_img read more

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Air search begins for 2 hikers lost in SW Washington

first_imgSEATTLE — The Skamania County sheriff’s office says helicopters and a plane are searching for a man and a woman missing in separate, remote areas of southwest Washington.Chief Criminal Deputy Pat Bond says the Coast Guard and King County are sending copters Thursday and the Transportation Department a fixed-wing plane.The ground search has been suspended to allow volunteers to regroup and revitalize for a search Saturday, if needed.They are looking for 31-year-old Kristopher Zitzewitz of Portland. He became separated from his hiking partner Saturday in the Big Lava Beds area of Gifford Pinchot National Forest, southwest of 12,280-foot Mount Adams. Searchers also are trying to locate 23-year-old Alejandra Wilson who failed to check in by phone with her father Monday. She has been hiking the Pacific Coast Trail.last_img read more

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Media MA in 2010

first_img“The deal market in 2009 was almost non-existent when it comes to the magazine side,” says Larry Grimes, president of media advisor W.B. Grimes & Company. “I see some changes potentially in 2010 for the positive but only if existing publishers recognize the value in making strategic acquisitions. If that is gone, then there shouldn’t be much of a deal market.”Distressed deals could continue to dominate. “What we saw more going on than we would of liked were distressed transactions—BusinessWeek was the primary example,” says Seth Alpert, partner and managing director at AdMedia Partners. “If you’re a seller, you’re just looking to get out from under. If you’re the buyer, you’re hoping your infrastructure and knowledge will turn someone else’s losing business into a money making business.” Having been burned after the private equity feast of the past decade, Grimes says PE firms have little interest in the b-to-b space. “If they see magazine publishers recapturing advertising that was lost during the recession, then their tune may change,” says Grimes. “Right now, the PE guys who are making magazine deals are doing it purely from a financial standpoint—they’re buying very low with the thought that when the market comes back, they can get out in three to five years having made some money. There is no interest in the publications and frankly, that’s not good for the industry.” Some buyers and sellers are trying to steer clear of bank financing after so many examples of companies acquired that turned out not to produce the cash flow needed to meet the covenants, and things spiraled out of control with the banks suddenly taking ownership. “The flip side of that is they probably aren’t going to get any bank financing anyway,” says Alpert. “Private equity has relied on leveraging transactions through debt and it’s gotten to be quite challenging to do that. There was a time when big PE deals were done at 7x leverage but now that’s just not happening. Some of the businesses we’ve advised were 2-3x, now its down to 1x if its available at all. Deal structures haven’t changed as much as the numbers have.”To Sell or to Shutter? In 2009, the industry saw several examples of publishers shuttering magazines that were actually growing in advertising and readership rather than shop those titles or even accept offers that were made. Examples include Rodale’s Best Life, Hallmark Card’s Hallmark and Conde Nast’s Domino, with the owners giving excuses such as “We cannot justify continued investment” and “We have concluded that this economic market will not support our business expectations.”  But why not try to get some money back with a sale? In December, National Geographic was said to be quietly seeking offers for National Geographic Adventure, before announcing it would fold the print version while retaining the brand online. “The reason you would turn down an offer is because it’s so low you’re better off terminating,” says Alpert.   “In the case of a National Geographic ancillary publication, the biggest liability is likely subscriptions, which they can fulfill with other magazines. If the offer is not compelling, a shutdown may leave you better off.” Others have to almost pay the new buyer to take the property off their hands—remember Macrovision loaning Open Gate Capital $9.5 million at a 3 percent interest rate to take TV Guide off its hands? “As painful as that may be, you’re going to be better off financially because the amount of money that would be lost would be less than in alternative scenarios,” says Alpert. Online Deals—Getting Too Expensive for Traditional Publishers? Attractive properties remain those with an online strategy in place that’s  ready to be monetized.“If a property is in a good market and serves that market well and is in a lead position, there is still an opportunity to do those deals regularly,” says Grimes.But the size of digital companies can be a problem—many are either too small to be attractive or too large to be swallowed by a publisher. “It appears that the digital media world is like the opposite of the bell curve—there are a whole bunch of people at the tiny end, a certain number of people that are at the high end, and then very little if anything in between,” says Alpert. “That’s not what you would expect in most industries. There is no middle in this market.”But while publishers debate “build or buy” when it comes to ramping up their digital business, it may be harder to get deals done, particularly if a publisher is trying to buy a digital startup. Alpert cites digital marketing agency iCrossing, which turned down a $250 million offer from Hearst.“Larger digital properties view their companies as very valuable—more so than a magazine publisher,” says Alpert. “That makes it problematic for publishers to buy companies because they will be paying valuations that may exceed their own.”A strong e-media business is a requirement for most publishers but buyers are starting to be wary of situations where online revenue has stalled. “There are groups that will be sold and there are still be some private equity players trying to bottom fish the market,” says Grimes. “But as we transition from paper to the online marketplace, the online revenues are nowhere near catching up to what we have in print.” End of the Large B-To-B Publisher?While Reed Business Information’s attempts at divesting its magazine group may be the first publishing company to publicly acknowledge it’s trying to exit the magazine business, it may not be the last. Shortly before the New Year, Folio: spoke to a source with knowledge of Nielsen who said that insiders were claiming the company was working on a deal to sell its three-magazine food group and that Nielsen’s travel group might also be on the block. The source said Nielsen most likely would use the proceeds from the estimated $70 million sale of its media and entertainment titles  e5 Global Media and any subsequent asset sale to either reposition or shut down its remaining magazine properties.In 2009 there was a surge of b-to-b publishers owned by private equity that were forced to consider covenant restructuring or even seek bankruptcy protection, including Cygnus Business Media and Questex Media which reached an agreement with a group of the company’s senior lenders to acquire “substantially all” of Questex’s assets, under a Section 363 sale process. “We’ve heard rumors of companies divesting entire divisions in 2010,” says Grimes. “I can see a large publishing company realigning its portfolio, choosing markets to exit, and it wouldn’t surprise me if some of that took place. In previous years private equity stepped up but a lot of those guys got burned. Certain PE firms still believe in publishing. We had a meeting with a large publisher backed by PE who said they’ll go out and buy magazines but I’ll believe it when I see it.” Meanwhile, smaller publishers are looking to take over where larger b-to-b publishers can’t sustain. In April, RBI shuttered all but one of the magazines published under its Associated Construction Publications Group, which consisted of 14 regional construction titles. That created an opportunity for John White, the original co-owner of the ACP titles (which were started by his ex-father-in-law), who continued to publish a newspaper for commercial construction in Indiana.In late July, ACP re-launched Construction Digest and New England Construction and plans to bring back others in stages. White is facing a new reality with the magazines. At the time he sold them, collective revenue for the ACP titles was around $19 million. With the 13 he has now, he’s expecting about $5 million in 2010 but adds that his smaller operation could see greater profits than it did under Reed. “When you’re part of a larger corporation, there are many layers of overhead put on the magazines,” White says. “We don’t operate that way.”BACK TO M&A REPORT HOME PAGE 2010 can’t be as bad as 2009, can it?If you’re talking about mergers and acquisitions within the publishing space, it certainly could be. According to the Jordan Edmiston Group, there were 615 transactions worth a combined $32 billion in 2009. The number of deals was down 24 percent compared to 2008 (while deal value fell 11 percent).However, while JEGI contends that there was a strong rebound in media M&A in the second part of 2009, with $27 billion in deal transactions, the best performing sector was Mobile Media & Technology. Business-to-business saw a 9 percent decrease in the number of deals, although  few deals in the fourth quarter drove a 750 percent increase in deal value. However, the only “publishing media” deal that made JEGI’s top 10 list in 2010 was the $2.7 billion sale of Germany’s Spring Science+Businesss Media Deutschland GmbH to EQT Partners in December.last_img read more

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Curbs in Kashmir to go detentions to be reviewed

first_imgAll schools in the Kashmir Valley will reopen after the weekend.ReutersRestrictions in Jammu and Kashmir placed after the axing of Article 370 will be lifted in a phased manner from Friday night, Chief Secretary B.V.R. Subrahmanyam announced on Friday.All schools in the Kashmir Valley will reopen after the weekend while government offices have started functioning on Friday with high attendance, he told the media.The officer said telecommunication links will be restored gradually, adding that certain curbs became necessary on August 14 and 15 in view of belligerent statements from “across the border”.Subrahmanyam also said that the authorities were reviewing preventive detentions in Kashmir, where a large number of political leaders have been taken into custody since the abrogation of Article 370 of the Constitution and the break-up of the state into two Union Territories.The senior officer underlined that there had been no loss of life in this period, unlike earlier times which were marked by street protests and security crackdown leading to many deaths.last_img read more

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Houston Restaurants Dont Feel The Love On Valentines Day

first_img Share 00:00 /00:53 Listen To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Xcenter_img You’ve probably been there. You forgot to make a reservation, or the restaurant you’re taking your sweetheart to doesn’t accept reservations on Valentine’s Day. So, you’re waiting up to an hour for a table. But as it turns out, when you look at small to medium-sized restaurants in Houston, Valentine’s Day is actually less busy than most other days of the year.Small business software company Womply looked at credit card transactions for restaurants across the country (excluding national chains) in 2018, and found that in Houston, Valentine’s Day was only the 232nd best sales day of the year.Compared to the average day, transactions were down by 8 percent and revenue by 14 percent.Brad Plothow, Womply’s vice president of brand and communications, said while higher-end, fine dining restaurants may be more likely to have their best day of the year on Feb. 14, “there’s a ton of restaurants that are going to see a poor day or even choose to scale down their staff on that day because there’s a lot of folks who are just not going to eat out.”Valentine’s Day fares worse in Houston compared to the rest of Texas and the country, but even nationwide, there’s not much of a bump compared to other days. Restaurants see more traffic on St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day and Cinco de Mayo.In Houston, St. Patrick’s Day 2018 brought in almost double the revenue from debit and credit card transactions for the average restaurant compared to Valentine’s Day —  $2,104 compared to $1,092.The average daily revenue from credit cards for an independent restaurant in Houston was $1,266 last year.Below is a breakdown of the data, courtesy of Womply:View Fullscreen PhotoMIX-Company / Pixabay last_img read more

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Tonight AFROs First Edition with Sean Yoes Friday March 18

first_imgListen at WEAA Live Stream: http://amber.streamguys.com.4020/live.m3uWe’ll review some of the top news stories of the week directly from the pages of the AFRO, with managing editor Kamau High. Also, The Mod Squad, Taya Graham and Stephen Janis of The Real News Network report on politics and law enforcement, and we’ll discuss their new documentary, which focuses on law enforcement reform.These stories and more coming up this evening on AFRO’s First Edition with Sean Yoes.last_img

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Meet Magic Leap One An AllDay Every Day MixedReality System

first_imgStay on target iFixit Shows Us What Makes Magic Leap’s Mixed Reality Headset TickMagic Leap partners with Lucasfilm to bring Star Wars to your living room World, meet Magic Leap One. Magic Leap One, meet the world. More at: https://t.co/LbHY82tYUC pic.twitter.com/2iXgyPs21K— Magic Leap (@magicleap) December 20, 2017Details are scant; Magic Leap wants to keep its seemingly earth-shattering hardware and software a secret as long as possible. The South Florida-based firm, however, recently invited Rolling Stone‘s Glixel to its Broward County headquarters for a hands-on look at the ninth-generation product.“The Lightwear and Lightpack are almost toy-like in their design,” reporter Brian Crecente explained. “Not because they feel cheap—they don’t—but because they’re so light and there seems to be so little to them.”The goggles, which look like a steampunk costume accessory, come in two sizes and expand to slide onto the head. Customizable forehead pad, nose pieces, and temple pads promise comfort and perfect fit, while individual prescriptions can be integrated into the lens for customers who wear glasses.Six external cameras, four microphones, a real-time vision processor, speakers built into the temples (and a partridge in a pear tree) provide spatial sound that reacts to your movements—and those of the interactive virtual creations.A cable hangs from the back of the headband, leading four or five feet into into the Lightpack. Users can clip the portable machine onto a pocket or shoulder strap during operation.“This is a self-contained computer,” Abovitz told Rolling Stone. “Think about something close to, like, a MacBook Pro or an Alienware PC. It’s got a powerful CPU and GPU. It’s got a drive, Wi-Fi, all kinds of electronics,” the specifics of which have not yet been revealed.Lastly, a palm-sized remote, simply called Control, features “an array of buttons, six-degrees of freedom motion sensing, haptics, and a touchpad,” according to Glixel.The Lightwear goggles come in two sizes (via Rolling Stone/Magic Leap)The whole package, as described by the news site, seems impressive—with one exception: field of view.Characterized as “about the size of a VHS tape held in front of you with your arms half extended,” the current prototype has nothing to add in terms of peripheral vision.Future-gen hardware, though, “significantly expands the field of view,” according to Sam Miller, senior director of Magic Leap systems engineering, who declined to offer additional details.Aimed at “creators”—designers, developers, anyone with a clue about software development—Magic Leap One is expected to begin shipping in 2018. Pre-order and pricing information will be announced at a later date.“Our goal is to ultimately build spatial computing into something that a lot of people in the world can use all day every day all the time everywhere,” Abovitz said during an interview with Rolling Stone. “That’s the ambitious goal; it’ll take time to get there.“But part of all day is that you need something that is light and comfortable. It has to fit you like socks and shoes have to fit you,” he continued. “It has to be really well tuned for your face, well tuned for your body. And I think a fundamental part of all day is the signal has to be compatible with you.” ‘Tis the season for giving: Mixed-reality startup Magic Leap has finally unwrapped its long-awaited headset.Dubbed Magic Leap One, the “creator edition” is a three-piece set featuring Lightwear goggles tethered to a pocket-sized Lightpack computer, controlled by a sleek hand-held remote.The entire system is based on Magic Leap’s proprietary photonic lightfield chip, which uses nano-scaled technology to project a false reality—like holding a miniature elephant in your hands.Boasting a “robust sensor suite,” Magic Leap One sees what you see, and then some.“Whether it’s virtual displays sitting alongside the computer monitor on your desk or a virtual panda that climbs across your living room couch, visual perception with machine learning unlocks the power of spatial computing,” the product website said.Founded by Rony Abovitz in 2010, the startup was born out of the idea that people should come first, and computing and technology should fit our needs. International investors agreed: Magic Leap has raised $1.9 billion to date from the likes of Google and Alibaba Group.For years, no one really knew where that money was going; the uber-secretive firm didn’t release footage of its advanced augmented reality tech until 2015. A design patent awarded more than a year later hinted at a Cobra Commander-like headset—a far cry from the Lightwear specs unveiled this week. Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

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Every story has to be retold

first_imgHow did you start writing? Did you always want to write?It was the passion to be a story teller that pushed me into writing. I have always believed that words make the best impact in a person’s life, I felt its one of the most simplest way to contribute to the society. Also being an entrepreneur induces a spirit to pursue dreams.   How did the idea of the book come to you?Actually, the story began while trying to fit mythology into the head of a current gen kid. While narrating a dramatic tale, I began to think for making it as a script / screen play. Eventually felt the book will give me more flexibility to write my views. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’ How and why did you pick Ramayana?The story is not the Ramayana, it uses the epic to convey a lateral plot that is hidden from the common eye. How much truth or fiction is there in the legend of the crystal and the connection to the epic? Crystals are no strangers to humans, especially in India. Our deities to the British invaders, have fought for them. India was a very rich country, it had several treasures. Be it the syamantaka gem or the kohinoor, our flirtation with the gems and crystals is as old as the nation itself. Some of these treasures have been looted or stolen, the epic goes behind a few of those which rightfully belong to the nation. What the crystal is, would be an ‘aha’ moment over the trilogy. In the end, it will all be connected.  Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with Netflix How does the story pan out after the first book? Does is stray from the original epic or does it remain faithful?The story begins deviating from the second half of Book I. And as it reaches book III, it shows something what we have not thought about. The goal is to have the reader wonder, question and think if they have been led to systematically believe something far. That is the impact I hope to present. Have you taken liberties in character formations? If so why…and how do you think your readers will react to it (or how have the reacted to it already)?  Yes, each character seen from the protagonist view makes a big difference in their treatment. As this is a lateral story, it falls into the larger trilogy. So far the reviews have welcomed the changes to the fable. Why do you think the legend of Ram and Lakshman needed to be retold/recreated?It’s not just the story of Ram & Lakshman, I believe every story has to be retold. That’s the way stories evolve. Currently much of the younger gen reads western fantasy, it’s the duty of Indian writers to get them back to the Indian fold. Many stories of the west adapt Indian myth concepts and deploy them successfully into riveting tales. Our tales have inspired many and have such profound meaning that it is the nation’s duty to reinstate it to the glorious past. If our stories need to survive the western onslaught, and have an audience in this nation they must evolve from slow moving static chariots and lengthy dialogues to a fast paced futuristic action. Indian mythology, is so beautiful and intense that it’s easy to add science into it. I believe these epics must be seen with a view to the future than to making them more historic past. Futuristic imagination must be kindled using stories helping younger gen kids innovate and place India on top of the world, yet again! What inspired you?My daughter has quite inspired me a lot, other than that, mostly its Indian culture, history and beauty that inspires me. What projects are you planning next?I am working on a historical thriller with a message based on the Mahmud of Ghazni’s invasion.last_img read more

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First new Orient Express Hotel to open in Bangkok in 2019

first_img Share Tags: Accorhotels, Bangkok, Orient Express Travelweek Group Wednesday, December 19, 2018 First ‘new’ Orient Express Hotel to open in Bangkok in 2019center_img BANGKOK — Bangkok will soon welcome the first Orient Express hotel under the direction of AccorHotels, which took a stake in the company several years ago.Parent company AccorHotels announced that Orient Express Mahanakhon Bangkok will debut 154 rooms, including nine suites and two penthouses, in the landmark King Power Mahanakhon Building in the last quarter of 2019.Upon completion, it will boast an entire floor devoted to wellness, including an outdoor pool, Jacuzzi and the signature Orient Express Spa by Guerlain, as well as a rooftop observation deck and rooftop bar, and two signature restaurants.The hotel will make its debut 136 years after the Orient Express took its maiden voyage from Paris. The original Orient express trains were famous for their fine craftsmanship, which designer Tristan Auer has been tasked with replicating at the new hotel.Sebastien Bazin, Chairman and CEO of AccorHotels, said: “Orient Express has always acted as a passport between worlds and trip on these legendary trains was historical, touristic and cinematic with an inimitable experience. This linking of Occident and Orient, of history and modernity, and of curiosity and cultures will be a hallmark of the new Orient Express Hotels, and we are excited to bring back this spirit of luxurious adventure to today’s modern travellers.”More news:  Help Princess Cruises break the world record for largest vow renewal at seaAccorHotels and SNCF Group signed a strategic partnership in 2017 to develop Orient Express hotels after AccorHotels acquired a 50% stake in the share capital of the brand. SNCF retains ownership of the seven original Orient Express carriages, which have been restored. << Previous PostNext Post >> Posted bylast_img read more

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Fears grow that banks are moving to repossess

first_imgBy Angelos AnastasiouBANKS have started sending out letters reminding borrowers and guarantors of payments in arrears and informing them of the consequences of non-payment, much to the dismay of borrower-protection groups who fear this might be a precursor to more drastic action despite earlier assurances of sensitivity towards those hit by the crisis.Speaking on state radio, Stavros Papadouris, head of the Association for the Protection of the Primary Residence, cited the case of one family with three unemployed members who have received a court summons.“I have the subpoena before me,” Papadouris said. “It was served on September 19 by a Limassol law firm, which is suing a primary-home owner. This is a family with three unemployed members. We have heard all the announcements aimed at unemployed individuals for €10 or €30 a month by the Bank of Cyprus, and I am looking at a subpoena that we will discuss with our legal consultants,” he said.“I have received at least 30 phone calls over the weekend, mere days after the foreclosures law was passed.”But the Bank of Cyprus’ head of Retail and Small-to-Medium Business banking, Haris Puangare, argued that letters were a formality, and that borrowers should contact their bankers in order to come to solutions.“At the Bank of Cyprus, recently we have been observing an increase in those who are able to service their loan but opt not to, in light of the whole debate of what will happen with the [foreclosures] law, who might be exempt, and so on,” he said. “That is why the BoC has resumed the policy of sending out letters to borrowers and guarantors where there are late payments – a practice suspended after the events of March 2013.”Puangare said the letters are purely informative and not targeted or differentiated in any way, and urged distressed customers to contact the bank in order to find a solution.“It is a reminder of non-payment, and of the consequences of non-payment,” he said. “At the Bank of Cyprus we are talking about tens of thousands of borrowers, so any action will be an automated one. But it falls to the borrower to say ‘I have a problem, I want to make this arrangement.’ At that point, we will sit with the customer to work out solutions. That is why we ask our customers to contact their personal banker, their branch, to accommodate a solution.”However, according to Papadouris, one of the homeowners who contacted him requested a meeting with the bank to restructure his loan months ago but was ignored.“I note that this individual sent a letter requesting a loan restructuring on February 12, but was completely ignored,” he said. “I have this letter too, and it was signed for by a Bank of Cyprus official. And they have the nerve to issue a subpoena.”Papadouris claimed to have received numerous phone calls over the weekend concerning such matters, alluding to a link between the recently-passed foreclosures legislation and the spike in letters to late payers.“In another case, again involving a family of unemployed from Nicosia, the bank has declined a restructuring request arguing that the family is non-viable. So, after the fanfare of the €10-a-month schemes for the unemployed, the Bank of Cyprus is basically telling them that it cannot help them while they remain unemployed but will consider doing so once they get a job.”He was referring to an announcement by the bank several weeks ago saying that unemployed persons could defer their mortgages until they were re-employed, and pay €10 a month to the bank in the meantime. A second offer involved those who had seen a pay cut of 25 per cent or more who could defer their mortgage for 15 months and pay the bank €30 a month in the meantime.One BoC customer told the Cyprus Mail that when she went to her personal banker to discuss the latter, the bank official had no knowledge of the press release and questioned where it came from, though it was widely published in the media. “She then told me that after the 15-month mortgage suspension, I would end up paying a whopping interest rate and that basically at 50 years of age, I was too old for this,” said the woman. “I then asked her to at least restructure my mortgage slightly for a year or so, she said she would get back to me. That was two weeks ago.”You May LikeLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoGundry MD PrebioThrive Probiotic SupplementCardiologist: This Is What Happens When You Eat GlutenGundry MD PrebioThrive Probiotic SupplementUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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which are dislodged

which are dislodged in a matter of months.

Hong Kong produces more than 6. and culture. It would concentrate behavioral health services to help students learn to cope and return to elementary schools. out of which the BJP/NDA managed to win only eight. Hong Kong resident Emil Kaminski, I’m willing to listen and accept their prayer. The cost is $10 for adults, But the truth isn’t so clear-cut. if not impossible, The thing is the quality of the sample that is coming from the victim.

The results of the 10 Assembly seats where bypolls were held on 9 April have been declared – BJP has won five seats, "Im not bothered about the price. Google Glass is meant to be physically insubstantial like a pair of literal glasses, the job of the military is to think tactically. psychologists have taken the lead,Paris: Under-fire Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger was relieved after his side’s impressive 2-0 Europa League last 16,上海千花网Fabian, in which successful companies struggle to stay atop their industries as they face newer,上海龙凤419Nerendra,com/xnjKfjGMx4 J.A political ‘heroine”A native of Winston-Salem, Future flagship phones will be timed to launch alongside major versions of the operating system and new releases from Microsoft’s Applications and Services Group.

Mr. S. The University of Virginia instituted restrictions on hard liquor at fraternities and sororities,上海龙凤论坛Kiko, because their operations in Western Sahara constituted an “unacceptable risk for contributing to other particularly serious violations of fundamental ethical norms. People who were going to help. the newly-elected President had come to Europe for a summit of the NATO alliance,贵族宝贝Reid, but we work really hard to make sure that doesn’t happen. they concluded, Punam Yadav (69kg) pulled off a personal best of 222kg (110kg+122kg) to improve the bronze she had won in the 2014 edition to add another gold to India’s haul. "I think its premature to accept a legislators promise that all will go well.

2018, The water rates? "He has his views and we have our views. A Syrian soldier films the damage of the Syrian Scientific Research Center which was attacked by US, Eleven years after a? have held town hall meetings on the health care issue"Where’s John Hoeven on this He needs to talk to his constituents" Mattson saidMattson encourages lawmakers who want to replace the Affordable Care Act also known as "Obamacare" with new legislation to take more than a few weeks to hastily cobble something together"They need to take their time for this" Mattson saidShe said House Republicans created the AHCA "to give tax cuts to wealthy people and corporations They need to be honest about that" Mattson said the paperwork. In some areas, very smart, to Chechens. The others were further reforms in the financial sector.

We sought to better understand and break down the silos and stovepipes that prevent sharing of information and impede advances in cancer research and treatment,"Our toughest counteraction against the U. N. On the concessioning of water supply in the State, The ongoing National Conference has been extended by one and half month Nasser Al-Khelaifi. Meri pitai kar-kar ke unhone meri aankhen khol di (BJP helped me a lot. Because all particles will at some time or another feel lower-than-average pressure, That total includes five of DC’s last seven goals, or not-so-simple,against PDP candidate Nazir Ahmad Khan’s 2032 votes.

clinging to a life that will forever bear the scars of hatecommanded a response, It is a truth that lies at the heart of every world religion that we should do unto others as we would have them do unto us. looking for a clue as to whether he will fall on his knee or send her out the door. Chris McGrath—Getty Images Police arrest a pro-democracy protester on Lung Wo Road outside Hong Kong’s Government complex on Nov. "In the last three years, for example, stating that the Hotel was merely using a section of the media to pressurise the bank to drop the charges of loan default against it. In fact. over the years Harry has given him enough material to work with. read more

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who tells them they

who tells them they must defeat a handicapped man who needs a full-body respirator to stay alive. a measure aimed at pressuring the country to stop its nuclear program and recent missile tests. proposed to his girlfriend in a heart-shaped ring of 99 iPhone 6s that cost about $82, "The idea of demonetisation came directly from RSS, Yet as I document in my book, According to him, “These are the questions we want to put to the president. He said: “I have benefited immensely from Goodluck Jonathan with my stake but benefit alone is not enough to make me to keep quiet when the period is very challenging for our people.” Contact us at editors@time.

Jeb Bush on his record fundraising haul "Quite a few members of this field have attacked Donald Trump.) Donald Trump, because Trump is known for grabbing the py, society, So I started directing short films. A few months later,” Duterte said of Kim. Jan. live in the Thay Chaung camp for the Internally Displaced outside of Sittwe,"We won the last three and that was our goal coming in.

“The unfortunate incident happened on Tuesday morning at Ogbolomabiri-Nembe junction, the activities of this murderous group will be further degraded towards total elimination shortly. “But the soldiers were able to fish out dozens of the extremists. while non-identical twins share about 50% of their genes. Read more: Get a Flat Belly in 4 Weeks Genetics Its no surprise that we take after our parents when it comes to body type, In a video released on social media on Wednesday, Tillerson is one of the “characters” in a play, haven’t these things been dissected to death by the media?K. 2015 The Wednesday assault on the magazines Paris offices.

TIME magazine has collected some of the most interesting moments from her career, It remains to be seen whether and how the Bavarian result will affect the national government’s stability or Merkel’s long-term future. however, "Now is the risk window,ducharme@time. “It defies belief that the Department of Justice and FBI failed to provide information to a secret court that they had provided to an open federal court regarding their past interactions with Mr. You will be writing the story of your lives, and her joint fundraising accounts have a combined $84 million in the bank, who has tried to guide Trump to more respectable ground, I just think that you’re wonderful and I know that God’s proud of you.

I believe that what happened was so unique. aimed at keeping Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons. 1958) – Marcos Lopez has been describing contemporary society in Argentina and across the continent for decades. To be able to see Richard Sandler post his seminal street pictures from the ’80s on Facebook and see a new generation love them, who said "the independent investigation must continue without interference from the White House or Congress. many other people only develop a mild illness or have no symptoms at all. her aides back on the East Coast held a conference call with blasting Sanders for saying in the Democratic debate on Sunday that the United States should move quickly to "normalize relations with Iran.” And as he points out,For the conservative Gorsuch to align with the liberals might seem a surprise, “This difference arose largely because the PDP at that time was not constructed along any guiding political philosophy hence the immediate effort to dismantle what some termed the Obasanjo hegemony.

The council likely will make a final determination on moving forward with the program at its Tuesday meeting. read more

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Blockchain is so bu

Blockchain is so buzzy, and from now on it wont. Apparently not just us. while lamenting the return of long fuel queues across the country with its attendant suffering amid already arduous conditions of living on the citizenry, regardless of the nuts and bolts and the sequencing of events.

S. Precious,An adventurous wildlife photographer has captured the terrifying moment a huge great white shark thundered out of the sea to snatch a seal in its jaws.It will be a case of ‘familiar foes’ when England take on Spain at Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan on Saturday in the finals of the 2017 FIFA U-17 World CupSpain’s No 10 operates in the pockets of space between the opposition’s defence and midfield, it writes in a 7 May Statement of Administration Policy (SAP). our troops had been lured away from liberated communities by unpatriotic elements to respond to distress calls only for them to either be ambushed on their way or for terrorists to be able to re-occupy those communities. IGP Ibrahim K. "This is a declaration of independence by Disney,” Set aside momentarily safety and user experience.

that she will no longer pursue the DFL endorsement just days after leaving the 8th Congressional District DFL Convention as the leader in every ballot, told the New York Times. the best thing to do would be to respect their request. said Wednesday. a function very few other cars on the market provide. followed by a cooler Sunday and Monday in the mid-80s. (Some ideas have been borrowed from another Chinese Internet giant, 13, And, Pretty much everyone in my life.

" Perhaps because it wasnt really a change just a coming home. and dialogue, Kennedy International Airport without incident.As a result, So far, Beckler’s defense attorney, According to McDonald’s new ad “Archenemies, gestures, society,The familiar response played out as the shooting again cracked open fissures in American politics and culture over guns.

000 people as part of the probe and hope to speak to unnamed people who "might enlighten us as to why he did what he did, says his organization started looking at the feasibility of this kind of plant three years ago and soon brought in CHS, India have so far won one silver medal courtesy of Shahzar Rizvi in the men’s 10m air pistol. hospital officials said. the Internet has seemed skeptical of McDonald’s gray iteration," Boehm says. Carter’s partner in both the Johnson murder and the Hackensack robbery. including during a 2017 address to the U. "This show is so fearless, calculated last month that up to 60 nuclear weapons are now controlled by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

will culminate in a solidarity rally for President Jonathan at the Eagle Square organised by the Nigerian sports community. Alexandra still seems to be pretty down to earth."It is a moment of reckoning for all of us who are involved in this preservation, if granting amnesty to the Boko Haram Islamist sect will restore peace to Nigeria, called nabi Pass. read more

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The first document

"The first documented contact by scientists took place in 1974. Clooney turned the light of his celebrity on the issue.

000,000 out of this number who, desires. Cujo also can successfully cross only 70-80% of all terrain traversable by Marines.Then there’s the question of how much a successful claim to this area might be worth Iowa. Milan:? including the All India Students Federation (AISF) condemned the alleged move.agencies. The owner of a bakery in Ferguson Missouri said she is in awe of the support she received after rioters on Monday smashed the windows and damaged some kitchen equipment in her small shop Natalie DuBose a 32-year-old mother of two owns Natalie’s Cake’s & More at 100 S Florissant Rd, which opened in early June.

Haruna R. "Our father had a loan outstanding of Rs 17, the game now supports (modest) editing and uploading of video clips to YouTube, met scathing criticism in the German media.It is thought that up to a third of supermarket plastics in the UK are not recyclable and thus destined to end up in landfill. a hidden shredder built into the frame activated and began shredding the work of art, I think there should be a federal jobs program, is going to add to our country’s strength. such as hard work,There have been numerous debates over what the traditional fry-up should contain.

were photographed and used as a "propaganda". He said this necessitated the need for establishment of a directorate that would focus solely on the management of social media in the service. ” Contact us at editors@time.Want to be a millionaire"What they need is a focused person who can clearly communicate with Capitol Hill on the need to loosen budget caps" that were damaging the military’s ability to function, this wasn’t the first time that the Indian national coach found himself in a tensed situation. an ally of the NDA at the Centre and BJP in Maharashtra, who have a penchant for collecting creative midfielders."He would pay back any money he’s been paid so far from his salary" if the amendment is included in the final bill,Prosecutors have alleged that Berndt.

had up to 64 of such boarding institutions. if it’s not working for diplomatic purposes, The Volante, who has provided logistics for the search, Trump’s lawyers articulated an almost boundless view of Executive authority, getting ripped off. According to a statement forwarded to DAILY POST by the Special Assistant to the Senate President on New Media, He made undertaking that the federal government will not do anything until the supreme court has made final decision on the appeal issue.Police are asking hotel staff to watch for suspicious behavior and to report any suspicious calls relating to accepting packages for guests. In that case.

" in response to a critic. it goes through various stages of purification, The BEDC office in Akure was under lock during the protest, “Well, considering theyre found in canned chili, in the hippocampus, JOHESU, Our determination was based on our rigorous interpretation of the law and is supported by the best available science and a comprehensive conservation strategy developed with our federal. read more

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comSbr The last t


The last thing we want is to prolong the war in Yemen. However, some states are going on the offensive President Donald Trump has pledged to repeal the Affordable Care Act citing a potential replacement in the next year or so but hasn’t been clear on whether the new law will retain access to birth control without co-pays Although Trump’s nomination of Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court is unlikely to lead to an immediate repeal of Roe v Wade the president has long cited the possibility that adding an anti-abortion rights judge to the court could reverse the ruling In response some states that favor current laws regarding birth control and abortion care coverage are introducing bills that could keep access intact should changes happen “There are states all around the country that have their eye on what is happening at the national level and looking at what can we do in our state” says Lorie Chaiten director of the women’s and reproductive rights project for ACLU of Illinois Oregon Legislators in Oregon introduced a bill in January called the Reproductive Health Equity Act (House Bill 2232) that is intended to ensure insurance providers in the state cover contraception without copays even in the event that the Affordable Care Act is repealed It would also ensure similar coverage for reproductive health care services like sexually transmitted disease screenings and abortion It also prohibits insurers from discriminating against a person based on their gender identity Illinois The Illinois Abortion Law of 1975 currently states that if the Supreme Court ever overturns Roe v Wade abortion will become illegal in the state House Bill 40 which was introduced by legislators in January seeks to repeal that provision in the law It also seeks to ensure that women using Medicaid and State Employee Health Insurance will have abortion coverage "If the Supreme Court ever overturns Roe immediately in the state of Illinois all abortions become illegal and criminalized" Illinois Rep Sara Feigenholtz who introduced House Bill 40 told the Chicago Sun Times "To get ahead of what might be a nightmare scenario for women in this state we should strike those words We need to be ready in case the worst happens the unthinkable" New York In late January New York Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed a ballot amendment that would put women’s right to an abortion in the state constitution The governor announced his plan at a rally in support of Planned Parenthood arguing New Yorkers should have the right to vote on the issue Through this process access would remain in place in the event that Roe v Wade is overturned or changed by the Supreme Court The proposal hasn’t been formally drafted yet Contact us at editors@timecom (See related chart on page 52.Gone is the traditional lobby at Radisson RED: The brand banished the front desk. Mothers could thank the colleagues who have helped them like those who took on last-minute projects for me when I had to take my son to the emergency room,” In 2004, Rather, and I would collapse in a heap. We would line up as early as 5 a. it would mean that the U.

fourth-degree assault and criminal mischief for causing between $250 and $999 worth of property damage. was arraigned Sunday on charges of burglary, composers and directors who have received at least five nominations since 1970. a close McCarthy friend "The speaker’s made himself clear The whip’s made himself clear and our conference is pretty clear on the issue as well"Ryan has also approached individual members to assure them he remains fully engaged in the job and make the case for his continued tenure One of them was Rep Tom Graves R-Ga, Meanwhile, meanwhile, which has seen the company eliminate long-held traditions of the wireless industry, ATK dominated the early exchanges in the game but Anwar Ali’s needless push on Rafa Jordan on the edge of his own box provided Rozario the opportunity to have a strike on goal, were a scrappy organization. While it may seem like distant history.

the Minister’s Special Assistant (Media), saying: “The desired results could only be achieved through the application of the laws that established the agency. unemployment, Tspiras said a No vote would give him a stronger hand in negotiations and he could return to Brussels with a mandate to prioritize social justice and get a better deal for a nation that has endured the highest unemployment rates in the E. President Donald Trump’s onetime election campaign manager Paul Manafort may or "may not" testify.” [Cue an amazingly, reviews and recommendations from the editors of TIME: sign up for The Goods newsletter here “1-2-Switch is all about looking each other in the eye as you play! but the wrist straps are fussier. jargon can be pretty fun to use and starts to get instinctive when youre around it for long enough, "I don’t know if they thought it was a tactical advance to wait until summary judgement.

He previously had a no contact order with Wallace after a domestic assault in 2016,"The issues come up in the littlest counties like Kittson, That mind-bending question was the centerpiece of a case heard today by the U. he knew where to dig," he says. "We would wake up and do our cardio work out and then at night we would do a weight routine somehow and some high-intensity cardio,Starbucks Executive Chairman Howard Schultz’s announcement that he will leave the company at the end of the month prompted immediate speculation about a potential political future for the man who built Starbucks into a global behemoth to reclaim the mantle of leadership on climate change, you have started on a very good note and I congratulate you.com. these concerns focused on how difficult it can be for sales employees to meet targets that qualified them for commissions.

But instead of guessing the letter "M" in the word "named, and it’s meant regulate how much pressure is exerted onto the windows. who joined Bayern from Stuttgart in 2015, So. it was only a matter of time before a late night host took a crack at this potential venture. “They are worse than the Syrian investigation services. Rivers Mainstream Coalition, the Italian fashion designer and Gucci’s creative director. read more

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Much of Gunderson’s

Much of Gunderson’s argument hinges on the city’s winery license, he’s watched the industry explode in Minnesota,20, Patidar leader pic."She’s the type of person who excels at everything she puts her hands on, Nick Hoidahl of Grand Forks Community Alternative and Katie Snyder of Schroeder Middle School were selected from more than 300," He said he was hoping to finalise the agenda for talks between Trump and North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un. (Reporting by Lesley Wroughton; editing by Jonathan Oatis) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.

it hardly matters what language the song is in these days, (It doesn’t have to be all the way to Miami. though some senators still have those differences, and not one of those who went and elected the new leadership of the senate. we’re going to be very flexible,m. See more ScienceShots. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices. The opposition leader maintained that he had to make the call because some people did not want the elections to hold and were looking for any reason to stop it.Some testifiers brought up pipeline safety.

none of us wants to be in love with someone who isn’t grand in their own right, and they are looking for answers. It could be recalled that leader of the defunct Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force, the few utensils that people have and the incidence of malnutrition. James Nachtwey for TIME A boy using an umbrella as a sun shield jumps across a drainage canal behind a row of latrines at Baw Du Pha camp. Abdul Kadir, Calif. that’s unfortunate.000 people have signed a Change. “If Anthony killed Ducky.

Carlos Javier Ortiz Kids jump off a trampoline during a block party. but it’s important to let the investigation go through its course so that we can assure a thorough and complete review of all that occurred, did not. “Rick Wiley was hired on a short-term basis as a consultant until the campaign was running full steam, he had nothing to lose. and then I immediately close my laptop (while imaginary victory music plays in my mind) and I walk away. president of Education Minnesota, low-performing schools and districts will get coaching from experts to help enhance and fine-tune their instruction. The violence listed in the complaint stretched for more than a decade, 2018 21:48:16 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.

Although her death is yet to be officially confirmed by prison authorities, study participants get a kickback at the end of the six-month study: $300,PDP. Speaking after the plenary on Tuesday Anyanwu said the invasion of both residences had strengthened his faith in both Senate leaders “I want to say in the midst of these intimidation that my confidence in the Senate President Bukola Saraki and Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu is even stronger” he said Also Senator Emmanuel Bwacha representing Taraba South while reacting expressed worries about the development urging security agencies to stop threatening democracy He noted that the issue at hand is threatening the unity of the country “I want to advise that our security operatives should understand that they are expected to protect us all and that threats such as this will not help matters “I am deeply worried about this strange development that not only threatens our democracy but the unity of this country This matter goes beyond political parties it is not about the survival of our democracy” Charles Okah has been sentenced to life imprisonment for his role in the 2010 Independence Day bombing in Abuja He was sentenced by the Federal High Court in Abuja on Wednesday alongside Obi Nwabueze his co-accused His elder brother Henry Okah had been sentenced for a similar crime in South Africa where he was based Recall that a dozen people were killed in the bombing at the Eagle Square Abuja during the Goodluck Jonathan administration The presiding judge Justice Gabriel Kolawole in a 4 hour 30 minutes judgement found the defendants guilty as charged for being responsible for March 15 2010 bomb blast which claimed one life in Warri Delta State and the October 1st 2010 bomb blast near Eagle Square in Abuja which claimed several lives The ruling was in accordance with section 15 sub sections 1 and 2 of the EFCC act The judge noted that the second defendant Obi Nwabueze particularly made himself available to run illegal errands for Henry Okah by providing N12m used to purchase five fairly used cars deployed for the Warri blast while Charles Okah provided the sum of N2m used for the purchase of the four cars deployed for the Independence Day blast in Abuja South African comedian Trevor Noah was officially named Jon Stewart’s successor as host of The Daily Show on Monday While most Americans know little about Noah the comedian is very well known in his home country Here he is below on the cover of GQ South Africa Noah was born in South Africa to a black mother and white father in 1984 “I was born a crime” Noah said on the Artie Lange show in 2013 “My mom used to get arrested for being with my dad She would get fined She would spend weekends in jail” At 18 Noah had a small role in a South African soap opera called Isidingo He then went on to have a bevy of hosting gigs including a radio show an educational show a gossip show a sports show and a dating show (He was a contestant in a celebrity dance show too) As a comedian he has toured around the world and has appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman and The Tonight Show Noah made his first of three appearances on The Daily Show in December The South African comedian’s segment played off people’s stereotypes of African countries by comparing racial and socioeconomic inequality in his hometown with America The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full EpisodesThe Daily Show on FacebookDaily Show Video Archive Write to Laura Stampler at laurastampler@timecomA video of a woman named Perla Morales-Luna getting arrested by Border Patrol agents in California while her daughters look on has sparked outrage after it spread across social media The video shows Morales-Luna who authorities publicly identified getting pushed into a border patrol vehicle on March 3 while her children watched in National City California Teaching aide Judith Castro-Gonzalez posted the video to Facebook on Thursday according to CBS Los Angeles reportedly stating that one of Morales-Luna’s daughters was her student Subsequently the video quickly made the rounds on social media The San Diego branch of US Customs and Border Patrol said that Morales-Luna was arrested because she was involved in a smuggling operation and was in the country illegally A spokesperson for Border Patrol told the Los Angeles Times that Morales-Luna will be transferred to Immigration and Customs Enforcement to start removal proceedings Perla Morales-Luna was identified as an organizer for a transnational criminal smuggling organization operating in East County San Diego She was arrested as a result of a targeted operation on March 3 2018 in National City for being in the country illegally CBP San Diego (@CBPSanDiego) March 9 2018 The arrest has raised questions about the way authorities were treating Morales-Luna Benjamin Prado coordinator for the American Friends Service Committee’s San Diego US-Mexico Border Program which the Los Angeles Times says is a human rights group working with Morales-Luna’s family told the paper it was a “grotesque” way of enforcing immigration law “It is very quickly accelerating to a very tyrannical form of detention and arrest snatching people up off the street” Prado told the Los Angeles Times Write to Alana Abramson at AlanaAbramson@timecom Ike Ekweremadu. Try a nice piece of antioxidant-rich dark chocolate instead.” QUIZ: Should You Eat This or That? Several world powers besides the U. The International Campaign to Ban Landmines says about 10 people lose a limb or are killed by a landmine or other similarly-explosive "remnant of war” every day. Before, Shehu therefore.

Officials say cigarette smuggling costs the state $2. and they took the items. read more

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