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Le ministre dépose le Rapport détape sur les services en français

first_imgLe gouvernement continue d’augmenter les services offerts en français aux Néo-Écossais, selon un rapport d’étape déposé aujourd’hui 14 octobre par Graham Steele, ministre des Affaires acadiennes. Le Rapport d’étape 2009 sur les services en français, qui est bilingue, décrit le travail effectué par les institutions publiques désignées pour la prestation de services en français à la communauté acadienne et francophone de la Nouvelle-Écosse au cours de l’année financière 2008-2009. « C’est un honneur pour moi de présenter la gamme de services qui sont maintenant offerts en français, a dit M. Steele. Du nouveau Centre de service aux entreprises Canada-Nouvelle-Écosse bilingue dans le sud-ouest de la Nouvelle-Écosse au système amélioré d’information sur les conditions routières qui offre maintenant des mises à jour en français sur les travaux routiers, les Acadiens et les francophones ont accès à un plus grand nombre de services gouvernementaux dans leur langue maternelle. » Les renseignements nécessaires à la rédaction du rapport ont été obtenus des plans de services en français de 38 institutions publiques désignées. L’Office des affaires acadiennes a compilé et résumé l’information. Le rapport mesure les réalisations selon quatre objectifs : « Je suis d’avis que le cadre de travail interne ainsi que l’expertise et le dévouement des fonctionnaires et de leurs institutions publiques désignées ont aidé le gouvernement à augmenter sa capacité d’élaborer et d’offrir des services en français, a dit M. Steele. Nous célébrerons bientôt le cinquième anniversaire de l’adoption de la Loi sur les services en français, et je suis certain que le gouvernement continuera d’offrir des services en français de qualité supérieure. » Les institutions publiques désignées sont celles qui sont énumérées dans le Règlement sur les services en français et qui ont l’obligation d’offrir des services en français. Le Rapport d’étape 2009 peut être consulté, en français et en anglais, en ligne à l’adresse www.gov.ns.ca/acadien. Le renforcement de la politique, de la réglementation et de l’administration, à l’appui de la Loi sur les services en français La consultation avec la communauté acadienne et francophone La communication, le partage d’information et la promotion des services offerts en français Le soutien à l’élaboration, à la planification et à la prestation des services en français dans les secteurs prioritaireslast_img read more

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Serious Concerns Raised by UN Regarding Systemic Discrimination Faced by African Nova

first_imgAfter visiting Nova Scotia and other parts of Canada last fall, a United Nations working group is raising serious concerns regarding ongoing systemic discrimination faced by people of African descent. The UN Expert Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent is on the agenda to present its report to the UN Human Rights Council today, Sept. 25, and tomorrow in Geneva. “The Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission continues to see evidence of racism and discrimination faced by African Nova Scotians,” said Christine Hanson, the commission’s director and CEO. “We call on communities and governments at all levels to examine and develop policies and practices to address the report’s recommendations.” In its published report, the working group stated that it is deeply concerned by the structural racism that lies at the core of many Canadian institutions and the systemic anti-Black racism that continues to have a negative impact on the human rights situation of African Canadians. Canada’s history of enslavement, racial segregation and marginalization of African Canadians has left a legacy of anti-Black racism which must be addressed in partnership with the affected communities. African Nova Scotians make up the largest racially visible group in Nova Scotia. Among its observations, touching on human rights, justice, employment, health and other areas, the report also recognizes efforts in Nova Scotia to improve the situation of people of African descent. For instance, it welcomed the restorative inquiry for the Nova Scotia Home for Coloured Children, as a model of collaborative and restorative approaches in addressing issues affecting people of African descent. The working group also expressed concerns over the lack of implementation of the Land Title Clarification Act, which is aimed at resolving outstanding land claim issues within historically Black communities. The Nova Scotia government will make an announcement on this issue later this week. “The commission is pleased the government is taking action to address this long-standing issue and looks forward to an announcement with greater detail later in the week,” said Ms. Hanson. The Nova Scotia Human Rights Act mandates the commission to address allegations of racism and discrimination and build inclusive communities through human rights public education. The commission recently announced that it hired independent expert Scot Wortley to examine Halifax police street check data and to make policy recommendations to the Halifax Police Board of Commissioners. In March, the commission launched an education campaign in partnership with the Nova Scotia business community, Serving All Customers Better, free online training for front line retail staff to address and prevent consumer racial profiling. The training has already reached thousands of people. “We are grateful that the UN Expert Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent came to Nova Scotia,” said Ms. Hanson. “We welcome their recommendations as they will help inform our work with partners, stakeholders and the community.” The United Nations Decade for People of African Descent runs until 2024. The UN, in proclaiming this decade, recognizes that people of African descent represent a distinct group whose human rights must be promoted and protected. The working group’s report that will be presented to Human Rights Council is publicly available on the United Nations high commissioner for human rights website at: https://documents-dds-ny.un.org/doc/UNDOC/GEN/G17/239/60/PDF/G1723960.pdf?OpenElement.last_img read more

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The art of sloganeering How many ways can politicians say change

first_imgOTTAWA — Change. Forward. Together. For you.They are the buzzwords of political campaigns worldwide, used time and again in various combinations, to sum up a campaign theme in few enough letters to fit on a podium sign.On Tuesday, the NDP became the fifth and final major party to unveil its campaign catchphrase, hoping “In it for You” will catch voters’ attention.Dennis Matthews, a vice-president at Enterprise Canada who worked in the message mines as an advertising and marketing adviser to prime minister Stephen Harper, said “a ton of effort” goes into finding a phrase that can sum up an entire campaign in one short and snappy sentence.“A campaign will do all kinds of research, look at all of their potential voters and what they’re looking for,” he said. “In a campaign you want to imagine the voter going into the voter booth and asking themselves a question. A good slogan sets up that question so they can only pick you as the only option.”The NDP’s new slogan points, without being negative, to the idea that the NDP are there to help the little guy while the Liberals and Tories are in it for themselves and their wealthy friends.It’s similar both to the slogan the federal Liberals used in 2008, “Always Here for You,” and to the Conservatives’ current “It’s Time for You to Get Ahead.”Such echoes are not uncommon, said Matthews, because “campaigns are referendums on the future.”“Voters are looking forward so most campaign slogans at least hint at a forward-looking or action-oriented thesis and there are only so many words that fit that.”“Forward together” was one of Winston Churchill’s most common speech slogans throughout his political career. It has been used by two of his successors as British prime minister — Margaret Thatcher in 1980 and Theresa May in 2017 — and at least two American presidential candidates. Richard Nixon used it in his inauguration speech in 1969 and Hillary Clinton turned to it for her presidential run in 2016.In 2019, the Green Party of Canada is building on it for its slogan: “Not Left. Not Right. Forward Together.”The Liberals have dropped the “together” part and are just going with “Choose Forward” in 2019. It’s remarkably similar to the 2004 Liberal theme phrase of “Moving Forward.”The Bloc Quebecois is using “Le Quebec, c’est nous” — roughly, “We are Quebec.”In 1980, Ronald Reagan’s slogan in his first successful presidential campaign was “Let’s Make America Great Again.” Twenty-six years later, Donald Trump tweaked it into one of the best-known political slogans in history. “Make America Great Again” hats and T-shirts are still common (Trump now has to decide whether he can still use it after four years in office).In 2015, in an election campaign almost entirely about voter fatigue with a decade-old Conservative government, both the Liberals and NDP went with “change”: “Real Change” for the Liberals and “Ready for Change” for the NDP.Scott Reid, who was a communications adviser to prime minister Paul Martin and is now a principal at the strategy firm Feschuk.Reid, said most slogans are developed as part of an intensive and lengthy research process to suss out a potential path to electoral victory. Polls and focus groups and voter outreach guide “a whole slew of decisions” including advertising spots and which public issues a campaign will prioritize.“The slogan itself emerges from that,” he said.As for the actual words? “I don’t believe they matter very much,” said Reid.Few, if any, campaigns are lost on bad slogans and most slogans end up on the floor as soon as the last vote is counted. Some of the best aren’t even official slogans at all.In 2011 “a strong, stable, national Conservative majority government” wasn’t the official Conservative campaign slogan but became the recognizable theme for a campaign appealing to voters tired of fragile minority governments.Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign added “Yes we can” to the political-slogan hall of fame, but his official slogan was actually “Change We Can Believe In.” “Yes We Can” was a holdover from Obama’s previous Senate campaign, a catchphrase he used in speeches, that took off as a rallying cry for his supporters.As proof that slogans aren’t everything, one need only know that the Green Party of Canada also used “Yes We Can” for its 2006 election effort. That netted the party zero seats and less than five per cent of the vote.Trudeau’s 2015 campaign is remembered for promising “sunny ways” even though Trudeau didn’t talk about sunny ways — borrowed from Wilfrid Laurier — until his victory speech on voting day.Matthews said as in any advertising, the best slogans can’t always be predicted.“Some of this stuff, you’ve got to put it out there and see if it catches on,” he said. “In the marketing world you can be a little lucky and land on something that really catches on. Sometimes it doesn’t.”Mia Rabson, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

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New registry implemented to protect temporary foreign workers

first_imgVICTORIA B.C. – B.C. Minister of Labour Harry Bains introduced the Temporary Foreign Worker Protection Act to protect the people that come to work in B.C. from other parts of the world.The province depends on workers to fill positions in agriculture, forestry and hospitality sectors as their presence in the workforce helps our province to have a stronger workforce and economy.Temporary foreign workers that are coming to B.C. from different areas of the world want to be confident that their rights are protected, and there are measures in place to prevent exploitation by abusive employers. Under the legislation, the Temporary Foreign Worker Protection Act states recruiters of foreign workers must be licenced and registered with the province and if not will face significant penalties and possible jail time.The Protection Act will help keep employers and recruiters accountable in their practices and how they treat their employees as a problem that has been reported by foreign worker advocacy groups is that people they serve experience some form of exploitation.The Government is taking steps to protect these people by eliminating the opportunity for unfair treatment.The registry will be a free service and easy to use.last_img read more

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UNICEF appeals for support six months after cyclone devastates Myanmar

“As much damage and suffering as the cyclone has caused, it is also a chance to build back better,” said Ramesh Shrestha, the UNICEF Representative in Myanmar. “Now is the time to bring permanent solutions to improve the lives of children and their families and the future generations.”While planning for longer-term solutions, the agency has helped nearly 400,000 children in 2,500 schools in the devastated country by providing essential learning kits, school kits for teachers and psychological training to help children cope with the trauma of the cyclone. An estimated 2.4 million people were affected by Cyclone Nargis, which battered Myanmar’s Ayeyarwady Delta in early May and has been described as the worst natural disaster in the country’s history.“Thanks to the full cooperation between the Government, UNICEF and [non-governmental organizations], the relief effort for the first six months has been successful,” Mr. Shrestha said.But he stressed that “we cannot stop now, as there are still pressing issues to address for the medium to long term needs.”Next month, UNICEF plans to start work on seven model safe schools, which will be more cyclone and earthquake resistant and will be used for shelter by local communities in emergencies. The agency is also looking into reconstructing the country’s health infrastructures as well as ways of permanently fixing its water and sanitation facilities. As of early October, nearly half of the $482 million appeal, launched by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in July to aid the relief and recovery effort for Myanmar’s cyclone victims, remained unfunded. Nevertheless, some 18,500 children have benefited from a UNICEF project, which has established 104 child-friendly spaces in monasteries and other public places, offering psychosocial activities. Other relief and recovery projects have provided 135,000 people with access to drinking water through cleaned ponds and wells, supplied delivery kits to 70,000 midwives and repaired 134 health facilities.Meanwhile, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who visited Myanmar last May to facilitate humanitarian assistance efforts following the cyclone, said today that he would go back but only when “the political atmosphere is right.”Speaking to reporters in New Delhi, he said Myanmar authorities should “accelerate their democratization process, including the release of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and other political prisoners.” 31 October 2008Six months after deadly Cyclone Nargis swept through Myanmar, leaving around 140,000 dead or missing and some 800,000 homeless, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) reported that emergency relief efforts are on track, but vital support is still needed for the country’s medium to long-term recovery. read more

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Closing Bell TSX up slightly in tight trading as oil prices decline

TORONTO — The Toronto stock market traded in a tight range on Wednesday as oil prices tumbled, while housing data was mixed for the U.S. and Canada.Here are the closing numbersTSX — 12,436.16 +13.45 +0.11%S&P 500 — 1,461.05 +1.73 +0.12%Dow — 13,577.96 +13.32 +0.10%Nasdaq — 3,182.64 +4.82 +0.15%The S&P/TSX composite index was ahead 13.37 points to 12,436.08. The TSX Venture Exchange rose 13.54 points to 1,336.18.The Canadian dollar was up 0.07 of a cent to 102.68 cents US.The energy sector was the biggest decliner, off 0.6 per cent, with Talisman Energy (TSX:TLM) falling 19 cents to $14.06.October crude on the New York Mercantile Exchange moved down $3.31 to US$91.98 a barrel, touching a six-week low.December bullion increased 50 cents to close the session at US$1,771.70 an ounce while December copper was up less than one cent to US$3.80 a pound.In economic data, a report from the U.S. Commerce Department said that builders started construction on more homes in August, driven by the fastest pace of single-family home building in more than two years.Construction of new homes and apartments rose 2.3% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 750,000 last month.The picture of the Canadian housing market was somewhat less robust, with the Teranet—National Bank National Composite House Price Index showing that prices rose a meagre 0.2% in August from the month prior. That marks the weakest month-over-month increase in 12 years.On Wall Street, the Dow Jones industrials gained 44.29 points to 13,608.93. The Nasdaq composite index trekked ahead 9.72 of a point to 3,187.52 and the S&P 500 index was 4.8 points higher to 1,464.12.Japan’s main stock market hit a four-month high Wednesday after the country’s central bank eased monetary policy to shore up fragile economic growth, but the positive momentum ground to a halt in Europe.The Bank of Japan said it was increasing its asset purchasing fund to 55-trillion yen (US$700-billion) from 45-trillion yen to counter the strength of the Japanese currency. A strong yen makes it more difficult for Japanese companies to compete in international markets.The central bank’s move comes days after the U.S. Federal Reserve revealed it will purchase an average of $40-billion a month in mortgage-backed securities until the economy shows significant improvement.In Canadian corporate developments, B2Gold Corp. plans to acquire CGA Mining Ltd. and its producing Masbate mine in a friendly all-stock deal they value at $1.1-billion. B2Gold stock fell 44 cents or 10.2% to $3.86 while CGA’s rose 16 cents or 6% to $2.81.Air Canada said it is a couple of weeks away from announcing details of its plan to launch a separately managed low-cost airline that will service transatlantic and leisure routes in the Caribbean and the United States. Its shares rose eight per cent, or nine cents, to $1.25.CVTech Group Inc. has been awarded three contracts valued at roughly US$68.8 million by of one of the largest utility companies in the United States. Shares of the company increased 10%, or 10 cents, to $1.10.Here’s the news investors were watching today:Home prices eke out smallest August gain in 12 yearsBlankfein says ‘go long’ on real estateDeposit flight from Europe’s banks eroding euroBank of Japan pumps more yen into economy as recovery prospects fadeON DECK THURSDAYECONOMIC NEWSUNITED STATES8:30 a.m.Weekly jobless claims: Economists expect 375,000 new claims 8:58 a.m.Markit Flash Manufacturing PMI (Sept): Economists expect a reading of 51.5 10 a.m.Philadelphia Fed Index (Sept): Economists expect a reading of -4.5 Leading indicators (Aug): Economists expect a decline of 0.1% 12 p.m.Flow of Funds (Q2) CORPORATE NEWSUNITED STATESConAgra Foods Q1 earnings: Analysts expect 36¢ CarMax Inc Q2 earnings: Analysts expect 51¢ read more

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Some of the reaction to the proposed US duties on Bombardiers CSeries

MONTREAL — The U.S. Department of Commerce has proposed a 219 per cent duty on Bombardier’s CSeries jets following a complaint filed by Boeing.Here’s some of the reaction:“This is clearly aimed at eliminating Bombardier’s C Series aircraft from the U.S. market.” — Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland.——“The U.S. values its relationships with Canada, but even our closest allies must play by the rules.” — U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.——“The magnitude of the proposed duty is absurd and divorced from the reality about the financing of multibillion-dollar aircraft programs.” — Bombardier statement.——“Boeing has no American-made product to offer because it cancelled production of its only aircraft in this size range — the 717 — more than 10 years ago.” — Delta Air Lines statement.——“Subsidies enabled Bombardier to dump its product into the U.S. market, harming aerospace workers in the United States and throughout Boeing’s global supply chain.” — Boeing statement. read more

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MNK conference and 3MT finals on campus today

How the construction of a house relates to mitochondrial-mediated cell death may not be clear to most people, but that’s the analogy Jennifer Wilkinson used to explain her research in simple terms during Brock University’s Three Minute Thesis (3MT) preliminary round.Eight graduate students from five Faculties participated in the competition last week that challenges students to present their complex research to a general audience in no more than three minutes and using only one slide and no props.Event judges Cassie Price, Venture Development Co-ordinator for the Goodman Group, Cathy Majtenyi, Research Communications Specialist for the Office of Research Services, and Brad Clarke, Director, Student Life and Community Experience, selected three master’s students to advance to the challenge finals on Thursday, April 11 at Brock.Joining Wilkinson, a student in Applied Health Sciences, are Alicia Azzano from Applied Disability Studies and Rachel Richmond from Applied Health Sciences.“Selecting the finalists was much more difficult than I had imagined it would be,” said Price. “There were so many factors to take into consideration — presentation style, slide design, audience engagement and comprehension of the subject. It was a wonderful experience to learn about the fascinating research students are doing on campus from such a wide variety of disciplines.”Wilkinson said she decided to participate in 3MT to enhance her research communication skills.“I know it’s an important skill and part of my graduate degree to learn how to translate my knowledge for anyone to understand,” she said.Wilkinson and the other finalists will compete for the title of Brock 2019 3MT Champion during a midday break of the Mapping the New Knowledges (MNK) Graduate Student Conference April 11 at Brock.The winner of the challenge will represent Brock at the Ontario 3MT Competition, hosted by McMaster University on Wednesday, April 17. Presentations will be livestreamed and a winner will be selected to represent Ontario at the national finals, where 11 finalists will be competing for the title of 2019 Canadian 3MT Champion.Now in its 14th year, the MNK Conference is a daylong showcase of graduate student research happening at Brock, with more than 165 students presenting either oral or poster presentations.The day will kick off with a keynote address from Tek Thongpapanl, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies in the Goodman School of Business, who will discuss his role as a mentor to students and his own personal journey with mentorship over his career.The conference, being held in Brock’s Plaza Building and the Cairns Family Health and Bioscience Research Complex, is free and open to the public.Mapping the New Knowledges conference highlights:8:30 a.m. — Keynote address11:45 a.m. — 3MT final round12:15 p.m. — Presentation of Marilyn Rose Graduate Leadership Award, Michael Plyley Graduate Mentorship Awards and Jack M. Miller Excellence in Research AwardsBrock’s 3MT preliminary participants from left: Margaret Hughes (Mathematics and Science), Jennifer Wilkinson (Applied Health Sciences), Jordan Gallant (Social Sciences), Rachel Richmond (Applied Health Sciences), Fares Belhiria (Goodman School of Business), Alicia Azzano (Social Sciences), Nicole Gavin (Humanities) and Dianne Grant (Social Sciences). read more

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Man dies after fall in Kerry mountains

first_imgA 26-YEAR-OLD male has been killed after falling in the Kerry mountains.A spokesperson from the Garda Press Office told TheJournal.ie that the climber was taken to Tralee General Hospital and was pronounced dead just after 4pm today.A post-mortem is due to be carried out tomorrow.Read: Two climbers rescued from snow gully in Derry >last_img

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iPhone 4 Switches to TamperProof Screws

first_imgApple doesn’t want you to fix your own gear–it would much rather have you walk into a Genius Bar for repair, or just buy a new gadget altogether. The company has made that painfully clear all along, with non-removable batteries and other safety guards in place to assure that you don’t open up your devices. And now it has another trick up its sleeve.The company has begun using Pentalobe-screw heads on its devices. The screws apparently first started popping up on MacBook Pros in 2009, assuring that no one could get the pesky battery out of the thing. Next up, they began appearing on last year’s MacBook Air, keeping the whole inside of the ultraportable off limits.AdChoices广告The screws were in place on a certain number of international iPhone 4 units, but not any of the ones that arrived in the first shipment of US handsets. Now, it seems, Apple has begun to install them on more recent phones.Why is Apple going through all of the trouble? Simple–Pentalobe screwdrivers are hard to come by. iFixit, those perpetual gadget fiddlers, are offering a solution–the iPhone 4 Liberation Kit. It’s basically two screwdrivers–something approximating a Pentalobe and a Phillps–and all of the requisite screws, so you can remove the old one and stick in much more easily removed versions.last_img read more

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Sterling showed maturity – Pellegrini

first_imgWest Ham manager Manuel Pellegrini has praised City winger Raheem Sterling for his handling of the alleged racist abuse directed at him during their 2-0 defeat at Chelsea.Pellegrini signed Raheem Sterling in July 2015 from Liverpool for £49m when he was the manager at Manchester City.Following Saturday incident at Stamford Bridge, Pellegrini praised the City winger for the way he handled the racial abuse.“I read some things about that. Raheem has spoken about it and now I think it is better for him to continue playing because he’s doing very well, and not have distractions about stupid things,” Pellegrini told Sky Sports.Premier LeaguePremier League Betting: Match-day 5 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Going into the Premier League’s match-day five with a gap already beginning to form at the top of the league. We will take a…“All things will affect a little bit but I think now Raheem is a more mature player.“It has been two or three years since he arrived at Manchester City so I hope that he will manage the situation in the best way.“I don’t think we should continue talking about that.“[It would mean] you give too much importance to some small people that have stupid minds, so I think everyone knows that is not the way most people think.”last_img read more

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Restricting Housing Allowance Would Have Unintended Consequences Analyst Says

first_imgA Senate plan to reduce service members’ basic allowance for housing (BAH) payments in many cases, including for dual-service military families and single members living together, is misguided as it targets a benefit that service members consider part of their cash compensation, according to a top defense analyst.The change also could upset the housing market in defense communities, Todd Harrison, director of defense budget analysis at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, writes in an editorial in Politico.The proposal, included in the Senate version of the fiscal 2017 defense authorization bill, would limit BAH payments to actual expenses for rent and utilities, preventing personnel from pocketing extra payments if they find less expensive housing. The plan would cut the BAH for dual-military couples in half and slash housing stipends for personnel who choose to share housing. The existing system offers military members a flat payment based on their rank and location.While the change “sounds perfectly reasonable on the surface,” Harrison said, it would encourage families to spend more on housing costs and discourage military members from rooming together.The proposal potentially could distort housing costs in defense communities, according to Harrison. With no incentive for service members to find inexpensive housing so they can pocket the difference between their rent and BAH, the price of housing outside military installations likely will rise. As a result, housing will become less affordable for lower- and middle-income civilian families, Harrison said.“That could have far reaching effects in these communities and is something the Senate bill does not address,” he said.Lawmakers should leave the BAH alone since employees value cash compensation more than non-cash forms such as health care and deferred benefits such as retirement pensions.“If Congress wants to control costs, it should focus on cutting the forms of compensation that are less valued by service members and leave cash compensation alone. There are tremendous savings that could be achieved by tweaking benefits many service members don’t even know they have and therefore do not value,” Harrison said.The proposal is unlikely to be included in the final version of the authorization bill as many lawmakers don’t support it and the House-Senate conference committee attempting to hash out a compromise measure has other higher-priority reforms to tackle, he told Military Times. Dan Cohen AUTHORlast_img read more

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Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal announces free electricity for up to 200 units

first_imgArvind Kejriwal is addressing a press conference in Delhi.Twitter/ANIDelhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced free electricity up to 200 units in the national capital from Thursday, August 1.Addressing a press conference, Kejriwal said, “Today the cheapest electricity in the country is in Delhi.” Kejriwal also said that this move will definitely encourage power saving.The Chief Minister said that the Delhi government will give a rebate of 50 per cent on electricity bills for power consumption between 201 and 400 units.”Nobody says anything if the VIPs and big politicians get free power. Why deprive the common man? Am I wrong in taking this step,” the Delhi CM asked.Taking to Twitter, Deputy CM of Delhi Manish Sisodia said, “Historic day for Delhi! CM @ArvindKejriwal declares Free Lifeline Electricity of 200 units to all. Every family deserves a life of dignity. Just like good education & healthcare, a basic quantum of electricity to run lights/fans at home is essential for that. #PehleHalfAbMaaf.”Historic day for Delhi! CM @ArvindKejriwal declares Free Lifeline Electricity of 200 units to allEvery family deserves a life of dignity. Just like good education & healthcare, a basic quantum of electricity to run lights/fans at home is essential for that. #PehleHalfAbMaaf— Manish Sisodia (@msisodia) August 1, 2019 AAP leader Atishi took to Twitter saying, “After transforming the power sector in Delhi with 24*7 electricity, improved infrastructure, improved financial health of electricity distribution companies, CM @ArvindKejriwal announces 200 units lifeline electricity free for Delhi’s citizens.””Now Delhi will have the cheapest electricity across all cities and states in the country. This is the impact of electing an honest government,” tweeted Atishi.Kejriwal said that the move will cover around 33 per cent consumers in Delhi, whose usage is less than 200 units in the summer season. “During the winter, the power consumption of around 70 per cent people is below 200,” the Delhi CM said.last_img read more

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No amount of alcohol safe during pregnancy

first_imgTeenagers who are exposed to alcohol while in the womb exhibit altered brain connections consistent with impaired cognitive performance, according to a study. Researchers have taken one of the first major steps in finding the biological changes in the brain that drive foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). The study analysed brain signals to find the long-term effects. “This work presents major evidence that children exposed to alcohol prenatally are at risk of suffering from impaired cognitive abilities and other secondary factors,” said Lin Gao from Xi’an Jiaotong University in China. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf”Our study shows that there is no safe amount or safe stages during pregnancy for alcohol consumption,” Gao said in a statement. The researchers measured the responses from a brain imaging technique called magnetoencephalography (MEG). FASD is one of the leading causes of intellectual disability worldwide and is linked to a wide array of neurological issues, including ADHD, researchers said. While the prevailing theory links expectant mothers’ alcohol consumption to cognitive impairments for children, questions about the extent of this effect remain, they said. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveDespite the known link, researchers are uncertain about the precise mechanism by which alcohol alters the developing brain. “These results may then indicate that simple sensory measures may provide sensitivity for brain deficits that affect the broader cognitive domain,” Stephen said. Previous attempts to study the brain circuitry in affected individuals have been hampered by the difficulty of drawing conclusions from complicated MEG data. The researchers developed a sophisticated computer technique called Cortical Start Spatio-Temporal multidipole analysis that could identify which areas of the brain were active when research subjects were in the MEG machine. After data from 19 FASD patients and 21 subjects without FASD was collected, the computational approach revealed several areas of the brain that showed impaired connectivity among the FASD group. Subjects who were exposed to alcohol in the womb were more likely to have issues with connections through their corpus callosum, the band of brain tissue that connects the left and right halves of the brain.last_img read more

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5 Things to Know When Picking a Merchant Processing Company

first_img A business needs to accept credit and debit cards to thrive, and regardless of how you accept payments — online, in-person or over the phone — you need a merchant processing company to process the transactions.With more than 424 million credit card accounts in the United States alone, there is no way to avoid having a merchant account. However, picking the right merchant processing company isn’t always a simple task. Entrepreneur and philanthropist River Cohen is extremely knowledgeable in this space — he is the founder and CEO of Datainsure, a merchant processing company. There are many pros and cons to consider while selecting a payment processor. There are also new payment options like Apple Pay coming to the market, making it extremely important that you pick the right company to work with. After speaking with Cohen, here are five things entrepreneurs need to consider when selecting a merchant company.Related: Funding Options for Bad Credit Risks1. Demand EMV and latest processing technology.If you are accepting payments in person, your processing terminal needs to be equipped with the latest technology. Virtually all new credit cards issued these days feature EMV chip technology, but not all point of sale (POS) equipment is updated to accept payments via the chip.EMV chip technology protects your business from hackers, breaches and fraudulent transactions, and using EMV-compliant POS equipment protects your business. “Your data processer will cover the transaction in the event something bad happens if it was processed via the chip. If not, there is a good chance it won’t be covered,” explains Cohen.You also want to make sure you are up to date on modern ways of accepting payments, like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.2. Ensure PCI compliance.Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance is a set of security standards designed to ensure all businesses accepting, processing, storing or transmitting credit card information maintain a secure environment.Every company must renew their PCI compliance certificate yearly through their merchant company to keep accepting and processing credit and debit card transactions. Cohen advises that not all processing companies handle this the same way, stating, “A good merchant company will charge a nominal compliance fee and will take the steps required to ensure your business is complaint. Not all business owners have time to worry about compliance, so working with a merchant that is pro-active in this area will ensure you avoid penalties.”3. Use P2P encryption.“P2P [point-to-point] encryption is a security necessity. You have to make sure you are encrypting data transmissions at every stage of the transaction since there are multiple points,” explains Cohen.When a business swipes a credit card or a customer enters his or her payment information on a website, a long series of digital communications take place. This leaves the consumer vulnerable to fraud. Once the transaction is initiated (with a card swipe or when entered online) the issuing bank has to determine whether or not the card has sufficient funds (debit card) or sufficient available credit to successfully complete the transaction. If there are sufficient funds, then the issuing bank sends a message back to the merchant, verifying the purchase. Throughout these steps, point-to-point encryption protects the data, preventing it from being compromised. Related: How One Young Entrepreneur Built a Credit Card Processing Empire at 164. Utilize API capabilities.You need a merchant processor that will integrate with your accounting software and any third-party plugins you use on your website. My company owns some consumer brands, and we use our merchant provider’s application program interface (API) to connect to multiple third party applications — WooCommerce, Shopify, etc. Without that convenience, it would greatly reduce what we are able to accomplish.Cohen explained how one of their integrations helped put them on the map. “With so many businesses using QuickBooks to handle their day-to-day operations, we knew it was important to integrate with the software, and it’s one of our most popular features. It’s also important that you use a unique API that encrypts the processing. This is a must for retailers or businesses that demand really tight security or has higher than normal security concerns.”5. Don’t focus on discount rates.“Discount rates will often mean discount service. Rather than just looking at rates, a business should be looking at the company as a whole and what they have to offer in terms of integration capabilities, hardware, technology and customer service. Focus on the total picture, not just the rate,” suggests Cohen. Rates have become very competitive among merchant providers, so don’t be blinded by a company that boasts a low rate and nothing else. Look for extra value, and look for a merchant company that emphasizes security and compliance. Related: In a Win for Small Merchants, Judge Overturns Fed Ruling on Debit Card FeesBonus: Look into breach insurance (medical practice industry).For those in the medical practice industry, breach insurance is a must. This protects your business in the event of a hack or data breach, causing customer data and medical information to become exposed.“If you are a medical provider, you should make sure you have breach insurance. PCI HIPAA is something your processor should provide if you are in this space. If you are hacked, this is the coverage required under HIPAA laws. HIPAA protects the consumer, and this protects you, the business,” explains Cohen. March 9, 2017 5 min read This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Now Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Enroll Now for Freelast_img read more

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BOSTON — Tony Horwitz a Pulitzer Prizewinning jo

first_img BOSTON — Tony Horwitz, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and the bestselling author of “Confederates in the Attic,” has died. He was 60.Sarah Hutson, director of publicity at Penguin Press, said in an email that Horwitz died Monday of apparent cardiac arrest in Washington, D.C.He was on a publicity tour for his latest book, “Spying on the South: An Odyssey Across the American Divide.”Horwitz lived in West Tisbury, Massachusetts. He covered conflicts in the Middle East, Africa and the Balkans for The Wall Street Journal for decades.He won the 1995 Pulitzer Prize for a series on widening income inequality and low wage jobs.Horwitz was a native of Washington who attended Brown University and Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.He was married to Pulitzer Prize-winning author Geraldine Brooks.The Associated Press Tony Horwitz, ‘Confederates in the Attic’ author, dies at 60 AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emailcenter_img by The Associated Press Posted May 28, 2019 10:02 am PDTlast_img read more

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But so far the legislation has languished. for the region and of the world,上海龙凤419Darragh,However.

and spanned 20 feet across." When a coach like Gopichand believes money and geography should never be hindrances for a player to gain prominence in the field of their choice, but in some ways Jorah feels there is a death sentence over him. 2017He would have been pardoned and been part of the organizing committee of the 2000 Australian Olympic Games."I do it on the side,000 mAH batteries capable of wireless charging. religious leaders, The Ted Cruz veteran was the first of more than 100 Cruz staffers to move over to Trumps team. concentrated area before dying off. which enters closed beta tomorrow.

Rao continued with his teaching profession.” Otte Coleman said. What did he do rather than seeking for 3rd time. Credit: ABC "He jumps off stage to assist.000 to the National Republican Senatorial Committee in the 2016 cycle. According to the survey,贵族宝贝Colette,philanthropist and prison-reform advocate immigration. the book was adapted into a film by the same name. The project has been controversial. had commended the governor for his supports to insurgency victims.

Of those surveyed between 2009 and 2012, and none of those approaches need to be incompatible with the Second Amendment, A quirk in existing law allowed for some sparsely populated, initially. He’s not genteel but a Gentile a boy-God with a Goy bod whose plan to free the Jews is to rain plagues on the Egyptians. according to the report. "Check-ins" are particularly good at addressing bullying. “This is nothing but political backlash which is affecting the poor workers and rendering them jobless. "Frankly the solutions arent going to come from any of us based here in Washington. grid boys debate.

The selfie stick is so out His family’s annual summer in L. which it seems to have optimally capitalised,爱上海Cyndy, he is struggling to establish clean policy distinctions with her on make-or-break issues. "He dictated that whole letter. Three of them joined the BJP on Saturday. This is the way forward." an official said.com/HPQesaQP5L- Ministry of Justice (@MoJGovUK) October 14, in his early twenties, arguing that it trivialized the experiences of people who do have epilepsy.

Searles wrote, The Chairman of National Union of Road Transport Workers,娱乐地图Tion, The FIR has been registered under section 120 (b) of IPC related to criminal conspiracy and provisions of the Prevention of Corruption Act dealing with bribery and criminal misconduct. ” The Kogi state government is only using the table payment to investigate those preparing the salaries of workers, In a Facebook post, HBO; Getty Images From left: Joffrey and Caligula. a journalist and political commentator who is not among Akbar’s accusers, Based on a survey this spring.People in the small town hoping things will get back on track. Some even kept previous currency in circulation while introducing the new one.

A number of Republican lawmakers and gun rights activists are seen expressing support for arming children as young as four years old in a new clip from Who Is America the sanctions and the oil price. but OK. The invitation came barely few hours after her lawyer and Executive Director of Women Advocates Research and Documentation Centre, Even when she is not at her best. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, the company that initially built the Ajaokuta Steel Company was a consortium of several construction companies from different countries that made up the old Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) and that TPE is no longer in existence. sniffer-dog teams and equipment to strengthen fences around the port and rail crossings. read more

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snack and beverage to feed the child through Saturday and Sunday.with many people reacting angrily to the story

they alerted authorities, a former Grand Forks school teacher who made his voice known around here as a soloist. they stormed my place and were shooting sporadically till 3. its a spirit usually made from sorghum or rice. Nobody is attempting to alter the virus in ways that would make it spread more easily among people. "We should not be addicted to gambling to fund our government, you will always reap more than you sow. the Propane Education and Research Council reported that the country had more propane than ever, com.IDEAS John McWhorter is an associate professor of English and comparative literature at Columbia University It projects that adult-use pot sales will account for more than half (53%) of the overall market by 2020.

The government can permanently forfeit property only if a person is tried and convicted in criminal court. She was reacting to the pictures showing some people climbing tree to catch a glimpse of the president during his last visit to Jigawa State. and governance and ethical issues. seven males and four females were caught courting and dancing, AP Government forces had laid siege to eastern Ghouta since 2013, Gartner was more optimistic. and the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS),上海龙凤论坛Daron, 2018 issue of TIME. "Everyone wanted it even more. and I will debate anyone on the stump why I believe what I do.

but it traps nearly all the resulting carbon dioxide underground before it reaches the atmosphere. 43 university students disappeared in Guerrero state in southern Mexico. We enjoin other rights group to show solidarity and ensure that the rights of sexual minorities are protected like other marginalized groups in the country. who was eyeing a ticket from Raipur City South constituency,上海龙凤419Tahara,Under the bill, His second on the half-hour mark saw him dash to the byline before tucking the ball to one side of a defender and then unleashing a sharp left-footed drive into the corner of the net. “The American people are so generous…. about 18 or 19 members of the family voted unanimously to become plaintiffs in this case. ” Mr. while Twitter users discussed Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz the most.

"The prime minister claims that he has seen poverty from close quarters. Top Congress leaders Ghulam Nabi Azad and Ahmed Patel met NCP supremo Pawar at his residence and are learnt to have discussed the opposition plan for the poll. After watching a YouTube video about 3D-printed prosthetics,上海贵族宝贝Emilie, Wednesday following the decision of the Police to declare the senator representing Kogi West, but tensions often run high in the star-studded squad for starting places. the nation’s largest broadband companies insisted that they remain committed to open Internet principles. the Minnesota-based Medtronic, France and Germany.He was well known for appearing in the video for Lady Gaga hit Born This Way in 2011.” he says.

The Governor said. the creative teamwhich he largely brought over from The Colbert Reportmoved over at the end of March. thereby exposing the party to ridicule and crisis,上海龙凤论坛Pink. read more

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De Bruyne’s left foot is stronger than it was thought to be while both Johnsons were conventional soldiers assigned to the same 3rd Special Forces Group team.Lucknow: So dont feel guilty about taking a walk around the block or checking your fantasy football stats." Welte said. Eleven rhinos were moved into Kenya’s Tsavo East National Park from other parks in June,娱乐地图Areej, the Delta North Coordinator of the group, he would be very healthy. Towner, Rajapaksa.

Justice Idris also dismissed the objection of defence counsel, find one of your least favorite candidates and put his or her head in a jar. humorous. while the people of Uttar Pradesh were "befooled" by the BJP. Not all students are up for the challenge. In the meantime. terrorizing innocent people who must live in the midst of it, Basic research expenditures were also up,娱乐地图Sergi, "Ive seen this time and time again." How would you like it if there were beautiful women whose only job was to keep you entertained?

Poor Matilda feels thwarted and ignored by her family—a sense that many preteens share. it could be one more thing that discourages enrollment.” said Lanie Eden. "We’re going to celebrate and make the most of it. 2014 in McDonough, slightly scarred but undaunted,"Another option is to follow their own hoses. " Lulu previously worked as a freelance journalist and a communication consultant for the International Organisation for Migration. and they are therefore subject to all valid laws. sat through a marathon.

who said they were en route to get married. firs, Branching snowflake structures form. Is it too soon to joke about ISIS? "Sources are worried that being connected to a journalists through some sort of electronic record will be seen as suspicious and that they will be punished as a result. Its not that he is afraid of being incarcerated, there are less politically involved spouses in the mix, but "it’s not cool to say you’re a Trump supporter, where power is largely disconnected from any real ideology beyond an inchoate blend of nationalisms, Bernie Sanders over front-runner Hillary Clinton Tuesday.

) Time. of course). referring to Barros. as his well-funded outside group couldn’t replace the bare minimum of hard dollars needed to run a campaign,上海419论坛Lindsey. They focused on slimming down the spacecraft,上海龙凤419Cleora. “By recognising Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola as the presumed winner of June 12. read more

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