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What do you want to know about an antique shop

this is a way to set up shop, the investment market is very popular. However, no matter what kind of investment shops, if the industry is not enough understanding, later want success, naturally very difficult. So, if you want to open an antique shop, and need to know what?

is an open antique shop in this industry threshold is too low a point, professor at the University of farmers can set up shop, this is the tragedy of the industry, according to my experience, that threshold is too low, is not easy to want to do. read more

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What is the fifth wave of nternet start ups

era of entrepreneurship, the Internet has become a gathering place for entrepreneurs. If you want to succeed in the field of Internet business, then you can hold the Internet is the key to entrepreneurial tide. Some people say that the fifth wave of Internet start-ups has come, then what is it? May wish to find out.

in Beijing, the major Internet Co are competing at the beginning of this new technology in the field of black technology, such as Baidu launched a "Du Ring" ring projector, the maximum can support 50 inch projection screen, a titanium alloy material, diameter of only 18mm, the convergence of the whole network’s wholly-owned source, Sogou launched the "watch movies whenever and wherever possible; wisdom teeth, using human implant new technology, intelligent computing technology combined with the correct pronunciation of big data and cloud, can improve speaking fluency, pronunciation recognition errors automatically, to achieve barrier free communication. read more

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Join the chicken does not lose the food stalls are guaranteed

a successful premise of his success is the success opportune. That is to say, in addition to individual efforts to succeed, you should grasp the existing opportunities. Catering investment entrepreneurs must remember this. Now join the chicken does not want to lose food stalls, many offers placed in front of you to shop without pressure.

chicken is not lost to join the food stall protection

information security: if you can grasp the comprehensive market information, it will be very helpful for you after the opening and operation. Do not lose their appetite for food stalls have their own information center, all franchisees can enjoy such benefits, comprehensive information to bring you the most correct direction of business. read more

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Hangzhou Jiande youth entrepreneurship contest ended successfully

youth entrepreneurship success rate in recent years has been greatly improved, which can not be separated from the continued introduction of local support policies to help. Under the leadership of different governments in different regions, support activities are not the same. Zhejiang, Jiande, held a creative contest for local young entrepreneurs, with innovative ideas to guide local youth entrepreneurship.

multi-creation future, Jiande dream. The afternoon of October 16th, the 2015 Jiande youth entrepreneurship contest finals in Longwen Yi Park at five / F, 10 outstanding young talent shows itself pioneering projects in this contest winners, attracted nearly 300 spectators to vote. City leaders Zhang Xigen, Zhang Zaolin, Lv Yong attended the event. read more

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How much does it cost to register

if you want to realize your dream of getting rich through independent business on the road, then you will be difficult to avoid to drink the registered company to deal with, if it is a very strange person in this industry, certainly do not know what specific need, how much money, one of the most comprehensive analysis to bring you here Xiao bian.

1, trade and Industry Bureau of industry and Commerce name approval, 40 yuan; 2, the company office rent for 6 months, $6000;

3, rental contract printing costs 5 yuan, real estate license copy of the 5 pieces of $2.5; 4, rental stamp duty of $12; read more

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How to choose a hot pot restaurant

The number of

hot pot restaurant stores can not count, the business of each store is so good? Investment to join the gold project really make money? Many businesses have a string of questions. If you want to get more business security, then you can choose to spend more time in the project, not afraid to spend time and energy, to find a good project is the most important.

hot pot shop to join the risk is not big? How to choose the project? And the differences between the north and the south, people’s tastes are different, in this Hot pot not ready to start on the road on the shop, is undoubtedly the face is failed, today you want to in the fierce competition in the market Hot pot real breakthrough, choose a good brand investment is the key point, from three points of view, the first whether the sustainable development of Hot pot to join the trend of project, you choose whether the brand continuity is crucial, not belong to Sun brand, or investment in, may even cost back, whether Hot pot franchise brand can be copied easily in the process of operation, a small boss to open a store, maybe is your goal, then open the store in order to reflect the ability and the value of your life, but the attendant problems, such as store management, staff deployment, import commodity accounts. Backlog, lack of funds, etc., are your headache! read more

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Share several entrepreneurial experience and skills

entrepreneurial process can not be smooth sailing, there will always be a variety of problems, if you avoid unnecessary detours, learn from other people’s entrepreneurial experience is very important. The following summary of several entrepreneurs on the experience of sharing, I hope to help entrepreneurs.

has such a marketing story:

has a jeweler boss, the store opened in the tourist attractions, his jewelry business has been bad, it is difficult to sell. When he was upset, he was ready to go on a trip, so he left a note to the clerk. Write: all discount 1/2 sales. read more

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Restaurants need to pay attention to the details of the operation

open a restaurant, although it is a relatively simple thing, you may be able to successfully set up shop around 2 people, the threshold is low, but also need to pay attention to the success of business skills. For business skills, a lot of investors said they would like to learn, then look at the small series together with it, to ensure that will not suffer.

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