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nvestment catering industry should avoid the location of the region

investment industry is a choice of many investors on the market, in order to beef face as an example to do some analysis, in fact, we all know, should give the healthy beef noodle stores choose good store, choose a good address, can let the healthy beef noodle stores smooth development in the market.

1. is a healthy beef noodle shop in a sparsely populated place: if the resident population of the healthy beef noodle shop area is less, and the floating population is not much, so there will be a lack of popularity, it is difficult to form a relatively stable consumer group. Healthy beef noodles is now a very popular wave of entrepreneurial projects, which will soon be lucrative profits coveted. It is wise to choose a healthy beef noodle, but there is a clever management skill. read more

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Suitable for entrepreneurs to read the book

entrepreneurs in order to succeed, not only with their own efforts, but also to learn more skills, read more books, read some of the business is conducive to their own books. So, for entrepreneurs who read the book? Today we recommend a few good books.

1. suitable for entrepreneurs to read books? "The four step entrepreneurship act"   Author:   [Mei]  Steven  Gary  Blank

Recommended reason:

about entrepreneurship methodology of the book, the market is not uncommon, there are far Sun Taoran’s "business   36  military discipline", recently, the almost the business circle is regarded as the "red book" lean startup. In contrast, this venture four step fame is much smaller. read more

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t is not only suitable for direct articulate people

there are a lot of people trying to do direct sales, but subconsciously think only articulate with the talents to do direct sales, but it is not suitable for doing what only try to know, like Xiaomaguohe stories, the river is deep is shallow himself through to know.

actually engaged in direct sales success is you can make people do not leave the personnel retained, most loss of reason is not ability, because along with team members to get along well, is actually very simple, is honest. The gift of the gab in the sale of goods is a big advantage, but people in the purchase of high value goods or health care products often do not trust the gift of the gab, honesty is the most important. The same is true when you hire someone to be a direct seller. read more

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What procedures need to open a snack bar

would like to join the food and beverage market to earn good fortune, lack of funds, it is better to open a snack bar, and open a snack bar should also be prepared to do the formalities must be done. The following Xiaobian tell you to open a snack bar what procedures need it!

1, for those who choose to operate independently and partnership entrepreneurs, the name of the store is very important, is a sign. First go to the local industry and commerce to approve a shop name, brand name more than a few, because you can’t use the same. The validity of the name approved by the trade and Industry Bureau is valid within 20 days from the date of approval. As for the choice of franchising entrepreneurs, this problem does not need to worry about. read more

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Sichuan will promote green development environment

due to the accelerated development of the economy, the environment caused by a series of damage is also obvious to everyone. Living in this society, although our living standard is gradually improving, the quality of our living environment has been greatly damaged. The destruction of the environment poses a great threat to people’s health. How to protect the environment has become the focus, then Sichuan will be how to promote the green development of the environment?

World Environment Day is approaching, in the "improve the quality of the environment, promote green development," the theme of the guidelines, Sichuan’s environmental protection will be how to promote? In this regard, the reporter an exclusive interview with the Sichuan provincial environmental protection department director Jiang Xiaoting. Jiang Xiaoting said the central government in the implementation of environmental protection inspectors, the province will take this as an opportunity to carry out a pilot in the city in the near future, the inspectors of the city (state) list will be announced in the near future. read more

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mmigrants are fashionable or the trend of Nanjing what investment immigration

in the current social environment in China, the more common is the better economic conditions, usually in foreign countries will also be related to the purchase of real estate. Yesterday afternoon, the Hurun Research Institute jointly issued the "Nanjing immigration visas in 2016 China investment immigration white paper", "white paper" shows that the next 3 years, there are tens of millions of assets of high net worth population of more than 6 of residential investment in overseas plan allocation. Hu Run said: "at present, there are 134 MW China rich, if calculated at 6, 800 thousand people are likely to allocation of residential investment in overseas." read more

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How to open silver jewelry store suction gold

silver jewelry store how fast suction gold? Investors are very interested in this issue, if you want to learn a lot of business experience, then look at the small series together with it, do a good job in business management, easy to deal with the competitive market, can not be missed.

for silver, is more distinctive, because silver is a collection of the world’s culture in one, a lot of cultural elements can be presented through silver. So open a silver shop is very representative of the meaning, so how can a silver franchise to operate well? read more

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