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Nanning Entrepreneurial booth into a bright spot for recruitment activities

after a year of struggle in 2015, "entrepreneurship to promote employment" activities have made some achievements in china. At present, employment in 2016 has been launched, held in Guangxi, Nanning eye-catching entrepreneurial exhibition, causing many young people interested.

2 18, Guangxi – ASEAN open area of the big cap mountain city square crowd, bustling, 2016 spring action special event cum spring manpower recruitment conference held here. The same day, more than and 100 enterprises in the field of careers, providing more than 3 thousand jobs. At the same time also carry out vocational training, vocational skills training, social insurance, rights services and other convenience services. read more

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Mobile nternet business for operators of the erosion of traditional sites is gradually increasing

the popularity of the Internet to bring great convenience to the study of life. If a person’s world is divided into two levels, one is the virtual online world, one is the real line of the world.

Internet mechanism from the point of view, is based on the virtual interaction. The age of the Internet is the saying: "no one knows at the other end of the Internet, is a person or a dog". The essence of read more

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Do business must take extra benefits to the customer shop

is known to all, some big brands to carry out promotional activities tend to have a lot of gifts, and many of the retail store owners will be privately deducted gifts. In fact, if the owner can give these benefits to customers, may be of great help to the development of the store business.

"Xiang Sheng" chicken promotion, ten pieces of chicken donated ten boxes of twenty pieces of glass, a "electric pressure cooker of a beauty". Awesome activities, I ordered a one-time twenty pieces of chicken. When the clerk put the electric pressure cooker into the shop, I negotiate with the salesman, he suggested that the electric pressure cooker into twenty boxes of cups. The clerk was somewhat puzzled, put the electric pressure cooker not brand, but to the ordinary water glass? I smiled and said nothing, but the heart has its own abacus. read more

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The beauty salon management system

beauty is no longer a woman’s patents, and now men also pay attention to the cause of beauty, it shows how much profit margins beauty market. Would like to open a home beauty salon to develop appropriate management system in order to ensure the normal operation of beauty salons.

A, position and duty of

Responsibilities: read more

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What are the ways to run a good rural store

is not more expensive than the metropolis, many rural small shops have been restricted, even if the business is not bad, but it can not be regarded as hot, once more than a store, business is a disastrous decline. Therefore, if you want to open a more popular shop, naturally need to find more ways. So, what are the ways to run a good rural store? Let Xiaobian to introduce you.

compared to the city shops, rural shops less traffic, narrow sales, low operating profit. This is the disadvantage of rural store management. But the rural store has its advantages, that is, fewer rural shops, there is less competition between the shops, the customer is the village folks, loyalty high. Therefore, if the retail shop in rural areas, in order to spend more money on the business, the store will be very prosperous business. How to run a good rural store, the following methods may wish to try. read more

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How to choose the brand of investment education

now the domestic education development, at the same time, education as a sunrise industry in today’s society, the demand is relatively large, especially some extracurricular education investment, education industry, brand choice is a very important thing.

brand many investors how to get involved?

has been a social problem is concerned about the country, from Chinese development has continued to have some western brands on the domestic market, although some of this mechanism can not replace the basic obligations, but these institutions have great influence on the implementation of the obligations. read more

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Join the three tribute tea business investment three more worry

has been the tribute tea drinks market is now the most popular the most sought after a special drink, as consumers for the quality of healthy living in constant pursuit, and tribute tea is very good with the characteristics of health, because of this, the development of the market is more and the tribute tea the better, the development space is more and more big. Today Xiaobian recommend this three three tribute tea chain brand, is a very good strength tribute tea brand, it is now the most popular fashion tribute tea drinks, with the taste of the one and only, to get a more stable development in the market, three three tribute tea to small the cost of investment, wealth is more simple. read more

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Jewelry store location know how these tips are practical

jewelry industry fire, a lot of people have the intention to open jewelry store. Although the jewelry shop is a small business, but also sloppy. For jewelry store, to maximize access to more customers, the location is very important. Jewelry shop site has the know-how, the following comments are very practical:

1. traffic is the most important: bustling streets, downtown, next to the public station can be used as jewelry store location reference.

2. with well-known stores: as long as it is frequented by female consumers, such as the popularity of shopping malls, clothing city, women’s specialty stores, etc.. read more

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The shop is not the fruit shop business analysis skills add subtract multiply and divide

many friends want to do their own business, open a fruit shop is good. Then, not all of the fruit shop business is booming, some shops because of imperfect management, opened a long time before the collapse. The shop is not a simple add, subtract, multiply and divide it involves selection, purchase, sales, decoration, etc.. The fruit shop, the site is the key to the first step.

The first step:
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MARS contest released 2015 entrepreneurial hot data

social development with each passing day, compared to 2014, 2015 of the overall development of the Internet business environment does not change the direction of the development of mobile applications is still the most popular choice. So what are the hot areas of entrepreneurship in 2015?

10 31, 2015 MARS Internet innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (hereinafter referred to as MARS contest) registration will be officially closed. At the end of the occasion, the official release of the latest MARS registration big data. read more

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Three basic principles of successful entrepreneurship

in the entrepreneurial process, always adhere to some principles. Venture capital can not be chaotic. In simple terms, is to have the ideal, to strengthen their own ideas, to treat a thing, to have a long-term plan, not easily give up, in addition, but also abandon the old thinking, and actively seek change and innovation.

a principle: the ideal of

Study on read more

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Ministry of education plans to launch innovative entrepreneurship education online courses

for innovation and entrepreneurship to better implement this work, innovation and entrepreneurship education must be in place. Therefore, the recent Ministry of education plans to launch innovative entrepreneurship education online courses, how to implement the specific look at the contents of Lin Huiqing’s speech!

2016 two sessions are being held in the country, deepening reform and innovation of college education concern. National innovation and entrepreneurship for college students have what good policy of innovation and entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities how to carry out in March 9th, Vice Minister of education Lin Huiqing will focus on innovation and entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities online communication with friends. read more

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2015 China internet keyword marriage survival stars and lies

in the age of the Internet, it is very accurate for access to information, this year, the Internet industry can be a lot of events, to sum up, mainly the following aspects, I believe that many people are very interested in, let me have a look together.

voiceover writing should be so many years later, when the old you sit on the hearth, and so can knee grandchildren talk (Chui) on (NIU) the rain in 2015: when your grandpa (grandma) have experienced many ups and downs of the story…

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Where to find jobs in Zhengzhou and other cities in the forefront of the Midwest

want to find a job is also a good salary, in the past a lot of people choose to go to Canton, but with the passage of time, the rise of the Midwest, Zhengzhou and other cities in the Midwest forefront. In general, the economically developed city with high-quality public resources and good employment opportunities have a strong appeal to the floating population, various elements of resources including funds, will gather to the big city.

days before the reporter through the focus on the 24 city (part of the key city for unpublished data not included in the statistics) 1% of the national population survey data of 2015, compared to the sixth national census in 2010 and 2000 fifth national census data found that nearly five years (2010~ 2015), the vast majority of the population inflows in key city slowing down, focus on the differentiation between the city is also very obvious. read more

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Children’s clothing store display 6 principles

children’s clothing store profits, a lot of friends want to open a children’s clothing store. Want to open children’s clothing store, first of all to learn how to display skills, so as to better attract customers. Today Xiaobian to introduce the principles of the 6 children’s clothing store display, children’s clothing store to make more money on display.

1, with the same color.

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Management method of coffee chain store


, coffee is more luxury drink in China, with the Chinese people’s living conditions improve, coffee status is not so difficult to reach, now the people’s living standard is getting higher and higher, consumers in the leisure time will always go to the coffee chain stores spend his time, taste delicious, spend leisurely afternoon! So a lot of entrepreneurs who want to open a coffee chain stores, we come together to look at the three franchise chain coffee shop!

first of all, the coffee shop chain stores will be attractive. The image of the coffee chain stores is to attract the public to the first step, if the franchise store decoration is not good, then, how can we expect consumers to come? In the operation of coffee chain stores, we must first ensure that there is an attractive door chain store image. read more

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