Vermont Troopers’ Association reaches deal on new contract, saves state almost a $1 million

first_imgSecretary of Administration Neale F. Lunderville and Vermont Troopers Association(VTA) President Michael O Neil today announced that the Administration and VTA have reachedagreement on a new one year labor contract, subject to ratification by the VTA membership.The agreement will produce over $970,000 in total savings in FY11, $162,540 attributable to GeneralFund savings and $719,679 in Transportation Fund savings. In entering into the agreement, the State willachieve the same level of savings in FY11 as it would have achieved if the VTA took a 3% pay cut andstep freeze, as other bargaining units agreed to do recently.The cost saving achieved from the agreement is good news for the taxpayers of Vermont. I appreciatethat the troopers are doing their part to address budget concerns during these challenging times, saidGovernor Jim Douglas. As families are struggling to pay the bills, state employees have stepped upand Vermonters are grateful. The Vermont economy is not out of the woods yet, said Secretary Lunderville. This agreement willhelp lawmakers address a more than $150 million budget shortfall for fiscal 2011 a gap that might getworse before it gets better.The contract includes a step freeze for all VTA members, and calls for members to forego 40 hours ofcompensation for supplemental duty pay and monetary bonuses for meeting physical fitness standardswhile retaining the rigorous standards. The contract also calls for the elimination of holiday premiumpay provisions for Town Meeting Day, Bennington Battle Day and Washington s Birthday, and reducesholiday pay for other holidays during the one year contract term.VTA President Michael O Neil stated that it was important to his members that the State committedduring the one year agreement to work with the VTA in looking at serious concerns facing the StatePolice, including the comparability of their wages and wage structure. We are pleased that the State hascommitted to work with the VTA over the next year to conduct a comprehensive review of police wagesand wage structures, scheduling and other important issues to VTA members, O Neil said. Such areview will help ensure that Vermont remains competitive in attracting and retaining top individuals forour State Police force. Given that the VTA is a newly elected bargaining unit representative, the parties agreed that it wouldbe beneficial to use the committee process to study in greater detail important issues and comprehensivechanges for possible inclusion in successor agreements, added Lunderville. Work schedules and paystructures are key issues, as well as looking at pay-for-performance and other innovative ideas. Source: Lunderville’s office. 3.4.2010.last_img