Moroccos Proposed AntiIsraeli Law causes concern in Israel

first_imgCasablanca- The Moroccan government has shown interest in considering legislations that would incriminate any contact with Israel. The proposed legislations caused concern in Israel, mainly manifested in Israeli local press. The online edition of Haaretz, an Israeli, English-language news outlet, devoted, on Saturday an article to this issue. So did The Jewish Daily Forward and Although it is not yet time to panic in Tel Aviv, signs of acute concern about the implications of implementing such laws in Morocco have already surfaced.  Comments on one of the articles it had previously published on the same topic are evidence of the current controversy the postposition of law has stirred.  According to Jacky Kadoch, president of the Jewish community in Marrakech-Essaouira, this initiative, taken by 5 influential Moroccan parties from the majority as well as the opposition—PJD, USFP, PPS, WFP and Istialql–does not have the slightest chance of being passed in the House of Representatives.“The king will never approve of this law,” Kadosh said. Daily Haaretz’s article stressed the fact that the kingdom is considered “one of the friendliest nations towards Israel in the Arab world.”Kadoch further argued that 45,000 Israeli tourists annually visit Morocco. This was his way to remind the five parliamentary groups behind this project, which he labels as “irrational”, of the detrimental repercussions adopting these legislations would have on the kingdom’s economy.According to the same source, Joel Rubinfeld, co-chairman of the European Jewish Parliament condemns the said bill because it “threatens the opening of Morocco to Israel,” adding that “we must not allow radicalism to take over us. This wave of concern that sprawled Israeli media has already attained Jewish News One, an English news channel which does not hesitate to describe the proposed bill as “anti-Semitic”.The proposed legislations aim to strengthen the legal arsenal against “trade”, “financial”, “banking” and “insurance operations” with Israel. A restriction would also be placed on “the participation of Moroccans, both those residing in the Kingdom or in Israel, in activities held in the Jewish state. Furthermore, this would also affect any sort of meetings held in Morocco by Israeli people. The presence of Israelis, according to the proposed law, would be strictly prohibited, and would be deemed an “offense” punishable by “two to five years of imprisonment and a fine between MAD 100,000 and MAD 1 million.”© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or or redistributedlast_img