Moroccan Police Arrests SelfStyled Sharia Police Officers In Tangier

Rabat – The Moroccan police have reportedly arrested a group of self-styled ‘Sharia Police Officers’ trying to impose Islamic law in the streets of Tangier.Mohamed Hassad, the Ministry of the Interior, said Tuesday that Five suspected members of a “criminal network” who “assaulted citizens” under the pretext of “respecting” Islamic law were arrested in Tangier.The minister said that these people aims for the “Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice.” The ‘self-styled men of virtue’ whose identity has not been revealed, are “extremists” suspected of “assault with sticks and knives in several districts,” according to the minister.The arrest was carried out by the National Criminal Investigation Brigade (BNPJ) after the have received information from the Directorate General for Monitoring the National Territory, Morocco’s intelligence units.