Gardening Paramedics

Paramedics on Hamilton’s East Mountain have turned the unused space behind their work place into a large garden. For the second year in a row they will donate the fruits of their labour to a local food bank and allow senior citizens who live next door to pick freely.“An elderly lady with a walker coming through and taking a few carrots, tomatoes,” joe cox a paramedic for 34 years describes the best thing he’s seen “and cooking something fresh for herself.”The paramedics created the space to help the community, they have even raised some beds to help with seniors with accesibility.“It’s just nice to walk through the garden let your mind wander for a little while and chilax a little from the job,” Cox said.The gardening paramedics at Station 32 have had a lot of support; Fortinos donated all the seedling and TD friends of the environment gave them a grant for $5,000. The 28 bed garden is all organic, last year they donated 1,300lbs to a local food bank and this year their goal is 2,000 lbs.