SEHA Janc MVP Gonzales best coach

← Previous Story Peter Kukucka to lead Kadetten Schaffhausen until 2019 Next Story → Raul Gonzales close to promotion in Macedonian NT head-coach It is always good to work on preserving tradition and with that thought on our minds we’ve decided to once again give 10 SEHA – Gazprom League coaches a chance to pick their own ‘Best 7′, defensive specialist and coach after the regular part of the season. Voting system was 3-2-1 points on each position with an addition of choosing MVP giving him 5 points instaed of 3. Blaz Janc, Celje PL young star, is regular season MVP, best coach is Vardar’ own Raul Gonzales and best defensive player is Ilija Abutovic – also Vardar.Best 7 of the season looks like this: Stevanovic (PPD Zagreb) – Dibirov (Vardar), Janc (Celje PL) – Stojkovic (Meshkov Brest) – Ilic (Telekom Veszprem), Cindric (Vardar), Kristopans (Meshkov Brest).  Here You can find TOP 3 players on each position and for more details as well as picks from every SEHA Gazprom coach You will have to check out our official Magazine which will also be online available on our website. Goalkeeper1. Ivan Stevanovic (PPD Zagreb) 13 points2. Arpad Sterbik (Vardar) 12 points / 43. Roland Mikler (Telekom Veszprem) 12 points / 1Left winger1. Timur Dibirov (Vardar) 24 points2. Luka Zvizej (Celje PL) 7 points3. Dobrivoje Markovic (PPD Zagreb) 4 points Right winger1. Blaz Janc (Celje PL) 31 points2. Zlatko Horvat (PPD Zagreb) 11 points3. Gasper Marguc (Telekom Veszprem) 8 pointsPivot1. Rastko Stojkovic (Meshkov Brest) 21 points2. Renato Sulic (Telekom Veszprem) 9 points3. Andreas Nilsson (Telekom Veszprem) 7 points Left back1. Momir Ilic (Telekom Veszprem) 27 points2. Vuko Borozan (Vardar) 5 points3. Iman Jamali (Meshkov Brest) 5 pointsMiddle back1. Luka Cindric (Vardar) 27 points2. Miha Zarabec (Celje PL) 15 points3. Mate Lekai (Telekom Veszprem) 6 points Right back1. Dainis Kristopans (Meshkov Brest) 20 points2. Alex Dujshebaev (Vardar) 19 points3. Laszlo Nagy (Telekom Veszprem) 11 pointsDefensive specialist1. Ilija Abutovic (Vardar) 15 points2. Mirsad Terzic (Telekom Veszprem) 8 points3. Tonci Valcic (PPD Zagreb) 7 points Coach1. Raul Gonzalez (Vardar) 22 points2. Branko Tamse (Celje PL) 11 points3. Javier Sabate (Telekom Veszprem) 7 points