More fun than an arrow in the knee The 10 best Skyrim

first_imgIt has been a little over a month since Bethesda launched the latest edition of its Elder Scrolls franchise. With many gamers asking Santa to drop off a copy underneath the tree we thought it would be a good time to give you our top ten mods to enhance the Skyrim experience. This way after you’ve ripped the game open on Christmas, (or if you already own the game), you will be well armed with code that will increase the quotient of epic the title contains.1 – Tytanis – The Ultimate ModSorting through the hundreds of available mods for Skyrim can be a daunting task, especially when you are new to the game. The Tytanis Mod seeks to put an end to the confusion by combining as many of the most useful additions and tweaks centering around in-game crafting in one place. More importantly, it also adds new spells, tomes, and equipment to your crafting abilities. Want to whip up an undead dragon to fight at your side for sixty seconds or so? Not a problem since you can craft the tome to allow you do that using Tytanis.Be warned, this mod doesn’t play well with other crafting mods, and has some issues with updates from Bethesda. The dev on the project is very active however, and takes care of issues quickly.2 – Thu’uMicWe covered this mod a little bit ago and have added it to the list because it’s quickly become one of our favorites. As we mentioned before, this is a mod that should have been in the game from the start. It gives you the ability to use your voice to “cast” dragon shouts in game, making combat a much smoother experience. You no longer have to pause to switch which shout you want to use against a foe. No Kinect or other special device is needed, just a simple microphone hooked up to your computer. The installation has some dependencies, so make sure you have everything you need to make it work.3 – Make your Skyrim map 3D (like Google Streetview)The world map in Skyrim is already a pretty nice visual, but by installing this mod players can turn it into a 3D powerhouse as seen in Google Streetview. It’s incredibly helpful when trying to find landmarks for specific quests. This is a must-have mod.4 – Glowing ore veinsWhile not containing the “wow” factor of the other members of the list, the glowing ore vein mod is indispensable, especially to gamers that plan on mining and smelting ore to create weapons. The original textures of ore veins in the game are pretty dull, which can make them hard to see (which may be part of the intended mechanic). This add-in simply takes those textures and makes them much easier for a player to spot. A simple change, but one that can help tremendously during the hunt for precious metals.5 – Homage to the Legend of ZeldaWe can assure that the picture above isn’t photoshopped, that indeed is someone’s Skyrim character wielding the Master Sword and Hylian shield from the Legend of Zelda series. We found this mod to be very interesting indeed as it’s not that big of a stretch to imagine the world of Skyrim is the legendary land of Hyrule. The best part of the mod is that it’s an easy install that users of all levels can get working on their rigs. 1 2last_img