Lucasfilm is selling superrealistic Star Wars The Force Awakens props

first_imgLucasfilm is offering big Star Wars fans a chance to drop some big money on the mother of all collectible lineups based on The Force Awakens. The “Ultimate Studio Edition” collectibles are all precisely detailed props created by artists to match the gear from the film. The selection includes four different helmets and four weapons, and prices range from $1,250 to $3,500.All of these objects are based on authentic props used in the new Star Wars film, and were painstakingly designed by the folks at Prop Shop, a UK-based firm that’s been in the movie business for 20 years. You can go out and buy a regular Star Wars collectible version of a helmet or lightsaber, but it’ll probably be made of cheap plastic in roughly the same colors and proportions as the real prop.That’s not the case with these high-end collectibles. The designers worked from the original digital models and scanned items actually used in shooting to create the perfect replicas. They’re all handmade, and some are limited editions. Lucasfilm says these collectibles would be interchangeable on set with the real things.The most expensive prop is a melted Darth Vader helmet for $3,500. It’s a limited edition with only 500 being made. The FN-2187 (Finn) Stormtrooper helmet complete with blood smear is limited edition as well, but it’s only $1,750. Then you have a $2,000 Kylo Ren helmet and Poe Dameron’s pilot helmet for $1,500. The weapon replicas are a bit cheaper. The most expensive is Chewie’s Bowcaster at $2,500. For $1,250 you can get either Rylo Ren’s lightsaber hilt, Rey’s staff, or Rey’s lightsaber hilt (I suppose that’s also Luke’s lightsaber).Each prop is made to order and will take up to 16 weeks to ship. These aren’t toys and should not be used in a costume, even though they’d look really authentic. Additionally, each one comes with a certificate of authenticity and an embedded RFID chip to prove it’s as close to the real thing as you can get without going to a galaxy far, far away.last_img