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Shanghai Dragon save me out of trouble diagnosis

medical website not ranked no traffic is a waste station to the hospital, how much damage had been caused, originally wanted to give up, to do a new, but felt pity but is not new in a few months we will be able to come up, but K is a self pay a lot of effort to do the old station, inside information has several years of history, can I say give up? I see a solution in the depressed at a loss when the site, no doubt see A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and optimization services, at that time I thought the estimates are some team want to earn extra money. The estimated effect is not good, also didn’t put in the mind, but the fact that I was wrong. read more

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Shanghai dragon ER note brand word on construction sites is very important

you may have questions, what is the relationship between the story and website brand word? Indeed, and not the word brand relationship, we do stand the idea of a problem, too greedy. But now is a pressing matter of the moment let website, addressing the website at this time will need to brand word search, let love Shanghai think this website is a user support, he is not Nothing is right., as well as the value of. This is the meaning of the brand. But the tragedy is also love Shanghai together with the brand together blocked, cause I am very clear, because the site before the revision of 2 times brand word, this is taboo station. Brand word is equivalent to the identity of a website, modify the identity will make you do not know love Shanghai station, so as to reduce the degree of trust. Do not say that the K station will not because of one reason is K your station, I think this is one of the important reasons. Perhaps the above described and cannot convince you that here we see an example of this, every time I see I was deplored, what want to modify the brand word. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng experience sharing how do the chain can better be included

After the

4 Links exchange, can be said that the most stable quality of the anchor text chain is Links. So when choosing Links to choose high quality, the correlation of this website, I don’t have to say.

3 in the classification of information website content, such as 58 city, ganji贵族宝贝, list of network, content inside the website links, such as recruitment information, can be added later, please visit the website or company address: * * * *, ******

2 high quality original articles can also choose to contribute, such as posting A5 Adsense nets, the laggards forum, forum and so on, the article add links to your web site, and is responsible for the release of the submission before editing to communicate well, keep the link released. For some of their registration can be posted in the forum, the note can add links, please keep the link in the back. But to promote the chain to pay attention to the time, because the spider is divided into segments when crawling, a hair too much is not conducive to the promotion of the chain. read more

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Some analysis of love Shanghai snapshot date

divcss3 Chetumal: 贵族宝贝divcss3贵族宝贝, reproduced please keep the link, thank you.

May 5th morning as usual, first open the computer to see the site’s ranking, ranking these days has been in a rising trend and snapshot updates are recent 1,2 days, but today was back snapshot date to May 2nd, after inspection found my two level domain name ranking up, looking for some information it is the two level domain dispersion weight. Recently I changed the server also cause snapshot of the back. read more

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Site outside the chain to the user experience is simply not overdo sth

: the first

chain should not overdo sth.After all, the Internet can not be turned into the chain

of the ocean, but need more conducive to users and ordinary users of valuable information. Shanghai dragon friends every day most of the time in the construction site outside of the chain, trying to find the high quality of the chain, not to tell the truth what trick is nothing more than to buy links, Links, soft link. But the most natural is the soft link, every day a lot of junk outside chain actually have little effect, but for the novice, but failed to learn what knowledge. As long as you can surf the Internet, will send the chain. The network junk chain has made Shanghai the Dragon disaster caused by flooding water, quickly into the "network navy". The network Navy no technical content, want to do is different from the "Shanghai dragon network navy". Shanghai Longfeng chain need more quality, the chain should not overdo sth.. read more

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Site traffic sources four efficient traffic source

this is the webmaster with a fire. Website optimization is to let the web site in the search engine has a good rankings, the establishment of a traffic channel, to improve your site traffic using Shanghai dragon technology. But this method is the most used, and the most dangerous. Because have fall right and be K danger there. If this happens, then through the website source here will be ruined, if you only rely on this to flow, then a break, you are not what. Custom >

single site traffic sources would make the website every time to no flow edge. Master your website traffic sources are mainly concentrated in the search engine? Can’t the other traffic source? You are not afraid of the day web site problem leads to traffic through Tonghua for nothing? Do webmaster to prepare an emergency plan, as well as the source of traffic. Don’t hold a tree and give up the entire forest. Traffic sources should realize diversity, extensive. This will not lead to the entire flow into the scanty dilemma problems because of a ring. So today I will talk about the five traffic sources. To remind owners, I hope not only to depend on a single source site read more

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Several suggestions on how to do are friends of your site outside the chain of the class


second: for some of the sites included, if we want to obtain entry site outside chain, these sites will generally require our website home page to do a one-way link for the. This requirement for us is actually difficult to accept. Because this is tantamount to get to the front page of our website links to a website within the page links, unless the real weight of the site included is very high, or for our website is actually the disadvantage. So suggest you Adsense website included in the external links, caution, true judgment of authenticity of the weight of each other and PR value, and then consider whether to submit our website. read more

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Shanghai dragon Er snake should become a network marketing front line commanders

Zhao Shanghai dragon ER + text + network promotion specialist far 3 Shanghai dragon Er is more effective than you.

I vaguely remember

if the last generation of Shanghai dragon Er, the day is for, how to make search engines to quickly capture, how to choose keywords, how to do the long tail of the title of the article, how to improve keyword rankings, how to write the original article code walls, how to improve the weight of PR love Shanghai. These problems. As a new generation of Shanghai dragon Er, should be taking advantage of the Internet diversification combined with the advantages of Shanghai Longfeng experience to solve the user experience, and a full range of concise and effective promotion, play the role of front-line commanders in the network marketing field. read more

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The chain in the anchor text layout is like that

compared to the outside of the chain, the chain is the more easier for search engines to crawl and included our site, so the chain network more widely is every webmaster direction. If from a page into the site, the chain network can help us do not click on the redundant page, can turn to see the site nearly half of the contents, the construction of the chain that must be very successful. Although the chain network better, can reach a certain degree, if we increase the range of chain network, the ranking may be reduced! So when you in the construction of the chain, not only need to follow the layout of certain skills, should pay attention to the amount of the chain do not exceed the standard read more

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Talk about how to do the analysis of Web site keywords and keyword positioning

site can be said to be the core part of the establishment of the website, why? Because when we set up a website, if there is no goal, no correct positioning, we do not know where the target group, what is the real value of website promotion. This is a waste of time and energy. Without a good website positioning, is not a good start. Here to talk about how to do web site positioning key.

, and the keywords you set is a steel pipe, which is equivalent to your target group has set the wrong. Your customers through the tube into the keyword to your site, jump loss rate will be high, because they need is not thick wall steel pipe, steel pipe, the two although the name almost, but the real purpose is not the same, one is forming a material. read more

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