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The reverse thinking of natural external construction

two, advertising area chain

in fact, the vast majority of the Shanghai dragon construction outside the chain through the forum, this is just great, no signature, how to do? Yes, no signature, and advertising area. It is not difficult to find, since the A5 signature is not after the soft zone there was.

the construction of the chain from a few years ago has been Shanghai dragon predecessors advocate, to this year, the chain seems to get the attention of nature. How the chain of natural construction, in this paper, which is the reverse thinking the author talks about the construction of the chain — natural natural chain. read more

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URL standard peep website static processing advantage

from the user’s perspective, he felt that this article has value, then he may take the URL paste directly on his website, for his visitors to browse the page to see a bunch of URL that is not clear he will reach a page what. Figure two URL and this can let visitors understand what he is going to say about the page in which the >

let’s look at a URL non standardized example: 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/abc/1093.html. This web site although static processing, but for users, and similar 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/abc/view.asp? Newsid=1093. And there is no essential difference, because in the web site after the user seen still don’t know about the contents of the page required. After all, some reference page will refer directly to the URL of the website, so that users don’t know how he will be brought to a what kind of content. read more

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K is the reason and recovery method of web page these can help you

4. page ranking unchanged (or declined or the total ranking drop)

(1.) and web page >

(1.) calmly.

The The above problems are

2. page ranking disappear

home page is K:

(2.) to find the cause, an antidote against the disease. (not always love Shanghai convulsions, although love Shanghai often convulsions)

(3.) do not abandon, do not give up.

1. home disappear from Shanghai love.

site is down right is every webmaster want to see, as long as the site will meet the right things down, no matter how the site is to be done, the flow is the need to rely on love Shanghai. Summary of our past station technique and most of its peers, teacher exchanges, make their best practices in Shanghai dragon, the most advanced. To study the garbage collected every day, don’t spend a lot of time every day, how can he mass outside the chain in front, and I stood in front of normal station why not do. I have to start to do dumpster? Believe that your client is selling your products, rather than search engine. Study on how to rely on the website please your visitors than to study how garbage station ranking more reliable. read more

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Shanghai dragon VP God ranking proof website user groups is more important than content

the two is actually complementary, there may be the first point.

you can think about it as simple to do a simple web site, and then spend some money to buy a number of links, buy than Shanghai dragon VIP link is strong. That is absolutely not like Shanghai dragon VIP rankings, so that through this website, a website of audience size than the chain content more powerful. The things we know as long as you can, and not everyone can imitate, not ordinary people can do, because the majority of owners are grassroots, not celebrities. If we are grassroots should be how to do? In fact, in my view the two direction of the first second users do content, circle. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng death knell for whom pseudo prophecy tolls

there is no denying the fact that "Shanghai dragon will die within two years of the prophecy has its reasons, the long tail theory is that, no matter how hot today dominate the market Yishouzhetian, hot, will gradually become tomorrow’s" long tail "(chicken ribs), the search engine is no exception, Google Chinese yesterday is evidenced by just a few. In time, the market leading into a" tasteless search from Chinese, gesture of "long tail" (chicken ribs), which once again reminds us, "put all your egg in one basket" is not enough, no matter the basket again how strong insurance. read more

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Six tips to teach you how to make new rapid access to weight

2) for a fixed time every day to update

mentioned above we want to update the website so that the love Shanghai love on our website, so as to increase a new small weight, but this pair of wanting to quickly improve website weight of new sites is not enough, in order to make the new sites get a much higher weight, but also to ensure the quality of our webmaster website content, after all the content is too low quality it is very easy to be love Shanghai as garbage station, and once the site is love Shanghai is recognized as a garbage station, the new station is very difficult by our love of Shanghai weight. So, when updating the content in the webmaster must release some more original content, because when your website original content quality is higher, so you get the weight is also higher, as long as the weight of new high, so we webmaster do a quick get high weight to let new! read more

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The future of Shanghai dragon Er transformation direction where

first, continue to do some Taobao customers, because Taobao guest stationmaster also is very popular, and some do not make money, but overall Taobao customers only temporary money, is not a

fifth, the transformation of local portals, industry portals, like Sina, the top three hundred and sixty NetEase portal entry, it is difficult to go to the competition, but now the market can be subdivided, some do a local portal, such as Zhuhai’s windows Zhuhai area local portal website as the automobile industry website, website and the like. But the portal is not everyone can do this, most of them need a better understanding of the industry, what. read more

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Shanghai Dragon mobile search algorithm of Baidu Mobile

Shanghai dragon According to the The The author believed that mobile search

Baidu mobile search service is the main content of the product will be mobile search and search from two different scoring mechanism, let two search different search results. What if you use the same keyword search results, use desktop computer and mobile devices using the search is not the same. But does not mean that all the search will not get the same results, this depends on the keywords and.

, different information will be displayed in the two place, the first is the APP mobile devices and desktop computer will use different search data, the second is to use the same search engine, but because the search for different purposes, the search engine will give different search results. May I say, we are not very understand, in fact I don’t quite understand, only the possibility of speculation, we continue to look down. read more

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Cat alliance see how long you can cheatM months on the blog real name system recently issued a do

Fanfangguandian: > two


blog profit model will be shaken

ID card is called "

news analysis


a few days may be issued a document

yesterday afternoon, the office of the Information Services Department official news to "test the water real name system" in an interview to confirm. According to reports, at present, more research is how to carry out real name management issues, such as hierarchical management, recommended blog real name system feasibility is relatively large. read more

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Analysis of web page ranking suddenly disappear phenomenon

page ranking suddenly disappeared

3, the page of the position is one reason

from the above three points, we are to combine the actual situation of the site to a good ranking or normal. In the diagnosis of our daily Shanghai dragon in these situations is necessary.

, new sites in the rankings when easy at the beginning of the ranking is very good. Especially those who love love Shanghai very new, so new sites have included rankings will go up, but a few days off very strange rankings directly. Love is like is the case of Shanghai. But in order to I do some aspects of the summary is a good solution to this situation, I hope there is some help Thank you for you. We often say that the weight page in Shanghai Longfeng work, this is very worthy of our serious consideration, your weight in the end enough, if your weight is not enough, so want to get good rankings included and it is a delusion. So in order to increase the weight of a single page we must do the following analysis. read more

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Bidding account set up three major points to note

keyword, we start the segmentation, according to the habits of each different word patterns are different, according to the key words, words to project points. According to the synonym synonym, according to the part of speech of the strength of demand points. Every kind of mode, there are various ways to the late optimization, according to key words, the latter may is mainly centered strategy. Key words synonyms synonyms is conducive to the unity of demand to price adjustment. The word mining user needs. read more

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360 search not included some types of not filing website

I have previously said, the search is on the browser client and 360 security guards do flow up, here said it was a lot of week promotion methods, many are now stopped. "Do they also used many methods? Here we can make nothing of it. About 360 how to promote their own websites we not discuss.

"topic: promotion methods at the time, many are now stopped."


if you want to submit your site to 360 search engines, and if your website is the official website of enterprises, such as shopping, group purchase medical equipment website, you are asked to fill out the website below ICP record information, if you do not fill in, behind also remind you, "the website ICP record information cannot be empty, with stars required. But can not fill the record number is the last blog and forum. So if your web site is the enterprise’s official website, shopping and other types of sites, best not to submit the record, because you didn’t also can not be submitted. However, the author found a website to help their company’s new www.***贵族宝贝, also is the enterprise website, did not submit, or by 360. read more

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As a qualified Shanghai dragon er you should know these domain knowledge


did Shanghai Longfeng optimization should all know, the domain name of the website can guide the search engine spiders crawl the content of the website, but also help the user of the site’s memory. A good domain name, the website of the Shanghai Phoenix work and operation effort. Then, a qualified Shanghai dragon Er, need to grasp what the domain knowledge? Today, and it won a search up to look at.

, a domain name suffix

understand the domain name suffixes, and now found a win up to look at the style of domain name. In our country, most of the domain name is a domain name. Because the Chinese characters are Chinese spelled pinyin. For example, Sina micro-blog weibo贵族宝贝 is the domain name, the domain name is baidu贵族宝贝 love Shanghai. The domain name has the advantage of convenient and easy to remember. The common domain name style, and a short domain name. A short domain name, which is composed of one, two or three character domain names. This kind of domain name length is short, compared with the phonetic domain, more convenient for users to remember. For example, when the music network domain name is d贵族宝贝, this in memory, search for users, it is no pressure. There is a style of digital domain name domain name. The digital domain name, usually accompanied by brand, contact or special holiday birth. For example, 360 security guards 360.cn is the domain name, the domain name is China Mobile 10086贵族宝贝. In short, the domain name style, all contribute to the search engine spiders crawl web content, and easy to remember, very helpful on the website of the Shanghai dragon work. read more

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Website optimization coup beyond the opponent is not a dream

on the Internet many optimization technology, every webmaster is very focused on the site every day in search of some main aspects such as ranking, snapshot, often compared with rivals, further improve their website ranking, let more users through the search engine to enter our site bring us more benefits. But the rankings are not just so simple to talk about, or to each stationmaster’s hard work, but we can use some tips to refer to the optimization, so as to make our rankings more brilliant. read more

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Xu Jin marketing core material sources


a lot of people both love and hate. Love a soft, good effect, can not only to establish brand awareness, but also can promote the sales of the products, and achieve the purpose of speculation or other. Hate no one, is a big headache. A5, ChinaZ and other contributors to the website every day a large number of updates contribute to the webmaster, many webmaster is a day. Their soft material or inspiration comes from where


others to summarize the article on your idea. This is also speculation standing ammunition". Many famous writers, for a people to say, write some commentary, plus writing network Navy operation. Quickly spread on the Internet, so that the network celebrity was born. read more

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The Shanghai dragon training what value to you

Shanghai dragon resources

Shanghai dragon training can appear, which conforms to the current situation, where there is a market where there are businesses, the Shanghai dragon training site has its own unique training courses, through this system, the foundation and practical tutorial, can make learners in the Shanghai dragon system a short period of time to understand the whole system of knowledge, as long as after a certain period of time to practice, to master the training of Shanghai dragon essence, at the same time, the comparison of self-study, to participate in training the webmaster is easier to save time and practice, summed up his experience and understanding of their strengths, sometimes also can find some regularity in Shanghai dragon, it can used in front of the catch which scholars, because we have mastered the essence of Shanghai dragon. read more

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Wu Xianzu Three Misunderstandings of search engine optimization should pay attention to

in a lot of the time I love to use the long tail keywords to optimize, although with less traffic, it is very practical. If our website service position is very important, we can join the area name in the title is also very simple optimization method. For example: Ganzhou website promotion or a certain area of Shanghai dragon, it can bring us the customer is not fantastic.

the original in Wu Xianzu Ganzhou website promotion blog: 贵族宝贝wuxianzu贵族宝贝/? Post=87 (please keep)

keywords read more

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The long tail words flow to do with monopoly shops

1, select the top 20 information platform. Through the search keywords and the drop-down box inside the industry keywords ranking to collect all the amount of information platform in the top 20 sites, because only the information in the top 20 of the US is likely to be done before three, the main principle is the use of click. You need to collect good after the screening, select those weight higher than 4, especially in Shanghai more than 4 of the weight of love. Less than 4 of the platform is eliminated, because the probability of these platforms ranked in the top 20 of the relatively low. We do not need to spend a lot of time to do a low probability of things, will waste a lot of time, so we need to focus on those who will have 50% probability of entering the top 20 information platform. read more

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Of the ten major domestic search engine under only to innovate to survive

in April 2010 by the people’s daily China agency launched instant search, by the general manager of the national famous athlete Deng Ya Ping, director of the company. Instant search hit do PPC slogan, and at the same time to prevent spam messages, concise and clear picture let the user experience to achieve the ultimate, search to all useful things, but it is so the momentum of its development for two years, instantly search for future development is also limitless.

Microsoft, once the world’s largest Internet Co, the millions of users need to depend on the company, when its influence gradually weakened, also entered the search market, the launch of the Bing search. It can be said that Microsoft users worldwide should be hundreds of millions, the overwhelming majority of user groups, and even love Shanghai to worship, but in the domestic search market, Bing’s influence can be ignored, perhaps people do foreign trade need, however, if domestic Bing did not play. read more

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Under the influence of herding the sharing economy started the dream of UtopiaBoehner and CAA set u

from sharing the bike to the shared umbrella: predecessors had planted the pit, the younger generation have jumped

Beijing time on May 24th night at 11:30, telephone calls and entertainment capital still with bona film president.

however, in the face of the sharing economy barbaric growth momentum we have to calm down, flooding the sharing economy really air or second O2O? Now on the market of these shared economy really reliable?

CAA’s original business is to provide the directors, artists, producers and other packaging services for Hollywood’s six largest and global film companies, and charge about 10% Commission fees. read more

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